Interview with Nurses

            I have interviewed three nurses. I first interviewed Samantha McGuire who has been a nurse for 1 year already. Samantha said that when she started practicing as a nurse she wasn’t that confident enough with her nursing skills. Yes, she was equipped with the skills but she was afraid when it comes to applying it in real situations especially when a patient is crashed or is in an emergency situation. But as time went by she learned how to deal with it and with gained experience from practice she is more confident and comfortable with her nursing skills, and of course being a nurse. She now knows what to do when caring for a patient in emergency situations, she already know the materials, equipments that are necessary to use when it is needed. As a practicing nurse, she experiences conflicts along the way, like when there are changes in a patient’s status but the night doctor doesn’t seem to care or do anything for the patient, in this case she just learned to document all changes and keep calling the health personnel responsible for it.

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One of the ethical issues she has to deal with was when a patient wants to leave ama and the doctor didn’t let them go because that they still need to stay. She then contacted the charge nurse and house supervisor involved because they can’t hold a patient unless the provider sees that patient  is already in well and in an improved state but most times they let the patient go. She thinks the nursing field is a great profession. She loves taking care of her patients but when there are staffing problems or maybe she has extremely hard patients to deal with then that is the time that nursing makes it harder for her, but overall she feels positive about nursing. She then advised me not to be frightened in asking questions because thru queries one will learn something. She did not know what type of specialization she wanted to work right after school, so she did a preceptorship and it turned out that she loved the unit and the nurses she worked with so she decided that it was the unit she wants to work on. After being a nurse for a year she is becoming more comfortable with being a staff nurse and has the confidence of being a nurse. It took her 10-12 months to get comfortable with this role but after awhile she could say to herself that she is now ready for any inevitable situations with regards to her work.

            The second nurse I interviewed was Natalie Heckroth who has been a nurse for 10 years and is now a charge nurse on the Mother/baby unit. When she first started nursing she felt excited and nervous, as well as very intimidated by the lack of experience in nursing. When she went to UNM College of Nursing she did not have any experience in it at all but knew she really wanted to be a nurse.  Now that she has been working on the Mother/baby unit for 10 years she now has the confidence of being a nurse and considering she has 10 years of experience that could make her a very competent nurse already. Her conflicts started when she has to deal with her co-nurses, things like the change of shift report or not getting along with her colleagues. As a charge nurse she has to tell the nurses the importance of shift change report, and if the nurses are not getting along with the others then she also informed them the need for them to communicate with each other and work it out amongst themselves 1st before she has to intervene. Some of the ethical issue she came across with was that some nurses feel strongly about breast feeding and they have formula representatives that they have come up; the nurses find this unethical.  They then went to the unit manager and the manager took care of the situation. She feels very positive about nursing and it has not changed with in 10 years now. She advised me to keep my head up and look ahead, utilize all my resources, talk to mentors and always asks questions. When she 1st went into nursing she did not know what specialization she wanted to do but she knew that she loved working with mom’s and babies because of wellness nursing. After being a nurse for 10 years she feels very comfortable, competent but sometimes feels that something can always go wrong.  It took her a couple of years to feel comfortable about being a nurse but her hard work was greatly paid off.

            The last nurse I interviewed was Gwen Barnheart; she has been a nurse for more than 15 years. When she first started her nursing career she was terrified and anxious about things.  Even after being a nurse for over 15 years she still has some anxiety about not meeting her patient’s needs. One of the ethical issues she has encountered was with the management finding #’s to meet states standards. To meet states standards she should work in the floor and the DON didn’t want that.  She is proud that she stood up for herself and did what was right for the patients and not the facility. She also has some conflicts especially in her work, one of this was she noticed that most nurses pretends to understand and follow their head nurse or those who are in higher position than them but they really do not do their duties, they don’t check the patient. When she found this out she immediately brought this matter to the nurse manager. Her thinking about the nursing profession has changed such as 40 years ago they gave baths, IV medications, and now nurses are more of patient advocates than the nurses way back then.  Her feelings about nursing depend on the kind of day she’s had, but mostly she has a positive outlook on nursing profession.

She told me to be always honest, and always ask question so that I will learn more like in doing a certain procedure. When she got into nursing she wanted to specialize general medicine first but then she got into a code team then went to being an ICU nurse, then finally decided that she wanted to be a cardiac nurse. After being a nurse for 15+ years she still does not feel comfortable with being a charge nurse but she admits that she has had good experiences with it.  She states that one can never feel real comfortable with nursing because that can always be the day when something goes really wrong.


Samantha McGuire
Natalie Heckroth
Gwen Barnheart