This research study is
a course requirement for technical writing in Psychology assigned by instructor
Nasreen Sayeed. The topic of the research is Children experiences of parental
divorce which mainly encompasses of experiences of the separation process and
the change in child’s relationships after the parent’s divorce.

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divorce rate in Pakistan has increased even though the
divorce rate in Pakistan is relatively lower than the regional and western
countries because of the fact that most of the marriages are arranged. Even if
a girl is unhappy with the marriage, she would compromise and stay because of
the prevailing cultural taboos but still, it isn’t as low that could be
neglected. Divorce, not only leave a lasting impact on the couple but leave a
long term impact on their children. These children are at risk for developing a
myriad of negative consequences from their exposure to divorce.  Children exposed to prolonged inter-parental
conflict tend to suffer from variety of emotional, behavioural and
physiological problems that can continue into adulthood. Exposure to such
conflict threatens a child’s emotional security, can negatively affect the
parent/child relationship, and can increase a child’s risk of internalizing and
externalizing disorders. 


The number of divorced
couples in Pakistan is increasing, which raised the consequences faced by the
children who experience this sort of change in their life. The purpose of the
study is to explain how parental divorce affects children’s lives, from their
perspectives, including their feelings regarding the changes that occur in
their lives because of their parent’s separation and what they had to face
during that process.



The aims of the study
were to gain insight, from children’s own particular viewpoint, of the effect
of parental divorce on their lives, relationships and lifestyles. Parental
divorce trigger a series of modifications in a child’s life, such as changes in
family arrangements and most importantly, in relationships with parents that
places strain on both parents and children. As everything carries both positive
and negative connotation so, in this scenario, Sometimes, The separation of parents
brings positive changes to child’s lives as well.  Additionally, to gain an understanding into
children’s experiences which they encounter due to separation process and the
factors which contribute be it positive or negative, to children’s change in
accordance with the procedure of parental partition.

Divorce usually leads to
decline in the quality and frequency of children relationship with their
parents. Contact with the other parent becomes less and it eventually leads to
diminish ties with that parent. Children engage into more distant relationship
with that parent which leads to a negative change in their bond. Their
relationship with their parents usually get worsen after the divorce, they
demand reassurance as they have already faced one parent leaving them forever
without explanation. Some children only realised that separation had occurred
when a parent left the home and did not return.