Introduction A special effects (SFX) makeup artist does their job to express themselves and be creative, not just for pay. It’s a fun and and fascinating career. Plus you don’t need any training, and not much High School preparation. Their job is to alter and change someone’s appearance with makeup.History of CareerThe history of the special effects makeup industry has a large past. ¨The Wizard of Oz ¨ came out to theatres on August 25, 1939. This fantastic film was one of the first movies to use special effects makeup on people as characters. Scarecrow, Tinman, and lion all needed a plethora of makeup. In 1966 Star Trek was one of the first franchises to work with sci-fi fantasy makeup on many different species of aliens. Ben Hur used the air brush to give actors even tans, he later started bigger full body makeup projects in 1959.Interesting People1954 was a great year for Max Factor. Max Factor was and still is known today for his amazing talent with makeup. Mr. Factor was doing makeup on an actor with greasepaint and it was told he said it looked terrible, so he decided to create his own waterproof and thicker greasepaint. Lon Chaney, The Man of 1,000 Faces, did makeup for many of history’s classic films and plays such as ¨Phantom of the Opera¨ from 1925 and ¨Hunchback of Notre Dame¨ from 1923. ¨The Exorcist¨ and ¨The Godfather¨ are just a few of the great works of Dick Smith. Smith made the sweet little girl in ¨The Exorcist¨ into a demonic, wicked creature. Last but not least Rick Baker, Rick was a large part of a few films like ¨An American Werewolf in London¨ and a more recent film ¨Hellboy¨ released on April 2, 2004.  He put makeup on David Naughton and turned him into a vicious werewolf.Responsibilities and Working Conditions One of the greatest responsibilities of a special effects makeup artist is being able to apply or enhance the actor’s face or entire body with makeup. The work of these artists is almost always in films and plays. The artists also need very steady hands, fingers, and manual dexterity in general. Although applying makeup is a great task, working with people, being patient and keeping the actor calm and patient is a struggle. Most directors hire the artists and expect them to have their own supplies, kits, and tools needed for the job too.Degree or Training Training is not needed much at all as an SFX makeup artist, usually they are all self taught. Again, work experience is not needed, a little bit of practice is all that is needed. But college is a must have. When you go to college you have to learn for 2-4 years to get a Postsecondary non-degree award. High School Preparation Prep for college in High School is simple. You must work hard in school and graduate. Some classes that would be helpful to take would be theatre and art. But math, science, and communications are good to try too. These classes will help you to better understand you job and how you manage your customers and actors later in life.Wages The payment always depends on the artist’s talent and the quality of the makeup. The demand today is for better more qualified makeup artists. The top ten percent get 124,960 dollars, the median gets 60,970 dollars , and the bottom ten percent get about 20,000 dollars, all of these payments are yearly. Hourly pay is about 10-40 dollars, and the median hourly pay is 17 dollars.Growth Rate Growth rate goes up 18.55% yearly, it’s going up due to the greater amount of films and the need for film makeup. The demand for makeup artists is highest in California because movies many movies are made there. Ohio and Nevada are also great places to get makeup artist jobs. 1,060 jobs have been filled in 2018 already, increasing by 111.32%. Schools for a Degree or Training A great school for a degree would be EI school  of Professional Makeup. EI respects their students interest in makeup. They also has a variety of programs such as night and weekend programs day classes. The only issue would be the distance traveled for people from eastern U.S., because it’s in California. The Academy of Makeup is another great choice of colleges. They also respect their artists and have a professional study of makeup. Some of the classes they offer are body painting and wig design. The Academy of Makeup also very hands-on and close for the eastern states, it is in Tennessee.Conclusion   Although an SFX makeup artist has many responsibilities and hard work, they all still enjoy their jobs. Creativity is a large part of their jobs as well, used for many purposes. The more creativity they put into their jobs the more they get paid. Creativity is needed for many different types of films with large imagination.