Within a year thousands
of students enter to the university. With lots of hopes. They come here to
continue their learning, to learn essential skills to pursue a particular
career to find a better job with a good salary, to meet new friends, to have
more independence, to experience the university life etc. So each and every
students that comes to our university, “University of Sri Jayewardenepura” also
have the same hope and university too help them to a certain extend to
accomplish their goals.

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But the problem is all
the students here do not have the ability to get the use of these opportunities
easily as others. We have some students with different disabilities. Such as
physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, vision impairments, hearing
problems, mental disabilities, arms or leg handicapped etc. These students
should not be discriminated and disadvantaged by the university. University
need to ensure some adjustments to facilitates those students. So our main
concern through this report is to help those students with disabilities, who
could not make their voice to the society and suffering a lot because of this

In order to help this
problem, we first gathered information about the students with disabilities by
talking with them, and also we gathered information about the facilities
available here in our university by providing a questioner to some faculties.
By doing all these what we hope is to point out the missing facilities
available and to provide some recommendations to help these students. So they
will get the some opportunities. As all the other students in the university.



To get the base to our
report we went through some past researches and past paper articles about the
issue. When referring to the work of previous researchers. 

We first found the
research done by

Kiran, Babasaheb Bhimroo University, Lucknow. On infrastructure facilities for
differently abled students. A comparative study of government and
Non-Government institutions.

                   The primary goal of that
research was to identify the differences in infrastructure facilities and
student’s level of satisfaction. The result show that Non-Government institutions
were providing more infrastructure in comparison to government students for
disable students. According to their research none of the institutions have
walking aids, internal phones and two-way radio remitter facilities. Majority of
the Government institutions have very low level 0f satisfaction regarding the
availability of facilities for disable students.

Next we referred the,

of the rights of person with disabilities. Act no: 28 of 1996.  

act was establish for the establishment of a national council for person with disabilities,
for the promotion advancement and protection of rights of persons with disabilities
in Sri Lanka.

on managing the transition to university for disabled students; by Mark Taylor,
Mike Baskett and Chris Wren.

Purpose of that research is to examine mechanism for managing the
transition for school to university for disabled students. There they have
outline a number of areas that need of students with a disability. They recommend
that education infrastructure are required to make reasonable adjustment for
with a disability.

on the differently abled community of Sri Lanka by Jayani Balasubramanium  

she has given her review and opinion about developing the facilities for
disabled people in Sri Lanka to create a positive change in the world.  


analysis and recommendation

Main aim of our research
is to increase the facilities in our university for disabled students. So that
they can also achieve a great success it they are given enough support and opportunities.
Since disabled people are actually differently abled people, they should also
be given enough facilities within the university to improve their skills. So they
will also get the opportunity and pleasure of enjoying a normal life as all the
other students. We should not look at them as a burden. Instead we should
encourage them to face their life challenges with courage.

There can be differently
types of disabilities. Mainly we can categories in to 13 arears such as,

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Blind or low vision (BLV)

Cognitive disabilities (CD)

Deaf or hard of hearings (DHH)

Deaf-Blind (DB)

Development delays (DD) Early childhood

Emotional disabilities

Language or speech impairment (LSI)

Multiple disabilities (MD)

Other health impairments (OHI)

impairment (OI)

Specific learning disabilities (SLD)

Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Belonging to one of these
would be consider as disabled. The main thing is we should understand that
students with disabilities are not different from others. But they have some
special needs that need to be addressed carefully.

According Jackie Concley
(We referred google documents) there are many ways in which you can help
disabled people. He has mainly highlighted some general rules for helping

Treat them as equals

 We should also treat these students as equal
to other because they are no exceptions. They also like to have friends, have
fun and to engage in university activities as others. So we should not hesitate,
and be afraid to make them participated in all the activities. We should always
encourage them.


Ask before you help

should not always jump in and help those people. Because without knowing their
need we could make a harm to them than good. So should politely ask whether
they need any help and especially we should not offer any medical advices to
them without proper knowledge.


Never assume someone does or does not have
a disability.

knowing the correct incident we should not call they        disable. Because with the disabilities
they could act and feel different. Those kinds of behaviors can have an adverse
effect on them.

Do not stare at the disabled

 We not should just stare at the disabled
students. So then they will feel embarrassed. They also live a life as others. Simply
look at them as the way you look at others.


Respects and understand confidentially

interacting with such people, we should be respectful in both act and words. And
we should always protect their privacy.


All these rules are
applied when dealing with such students. In general when it comes to a
university other than all these we should ensure some special facilities for
them to help their studies. According to our research some students tend to
drop university due to lack of facilities, which is not a good sign anyway.

Unless universities talks
necessary steps to improve facilities the rate of disable students dropping out
the university will increase drastically. Universities welcoming the
application of disable students also make them responsible for adjusting. Necessary
facilities to access the course. If you cannot facilitate you should not admit them.
If you admit you should fulfill their needs.


analysis and recommendation