IntroductionIn America, being a woman is not an easy task, it comes with many obstacles. Feminism is theact of empowering and giving equal rights to women. Men are held up on a higher pedestal thanwomen. The feminist movement seeks equality in the following: education, employment,economics, politics, personal, etc. Women believed they can and have the power to do anything aman is allowed to do.Historical background on feminismFeminism originated from the French word “feminism” invented by Charles Fourier. Feminismstarted to spread in the United States and Europe in the late 1800s. The feminist movement wasdivided into three waves. The first wave was the women suffrage movement in the nineteenthcentury, which fought for women rights to vote. The second wave fought for legal and socialrights for women in the late 1900s. Lastly, the third wave which focused on the failed work fromthe second wave. Feminism began when people started to dislike the inequality between womenand men. Men had power to do whatever it is they like; whereas the woman had to obey.Different types of feminismThere are plenty different types of feminism to be technical. Feminism can be broken down intocultural, liberal, radical, eco-feminism, socialist, and Marxist feminism. Cultural feminismspecifically deals with women nature and developments on women. Liberal feminism is basicallythe focus of a woman’s ability to handle her own and make her own legal and political decisions.Radical feminism is reordering the economy to fit women views. Eco-feminism is basically theacademic standards a woman would like to accomplish. The last of many: Socialist feminismdeals with capitalism and the economic system. To sum it up feminism is one big subject, but isbroken into sub-topics to discuss different aspects of basic feminism.Multi-Race feminismMulti-race feminism can also be acknowledged as women of color feminism. This type offeminism deals with the diversity of women and their lives and experiences. Multi-race feminismcreates intersectionality, which basically ends the separation. The theory of intersectionality isthat sexual orientation, race, and gender does not need to be isolated. In God’s eyes everyonewas created equal; therefore, men and women, strong or weak, black or white should not definewhat you are abled to do.Critical race feminist theoryThe critical race feminist theory is the study of gender and power dynamics. Which is basicallythe theory based on society, power, laws, and interactions between races. Male patriarchy iswhen men dominate because they have the power and authority. This is basically when the malehas control over everything, he has the ability to make the woman do whatever is in his desire.Black feminism vs. feminismBlack feminism is new in college teachings; whereas feminism has been a thing. Black feminismbelieves sexism, class oppression and racism are inextricably bound together; however, feminismspecifically deals with giving equal rights to women, the difference between the two is the rolethat race play. Black feminism is how black women are dealing with the killing of the black men.Whereas feminism is the belief that women rights should be equal like men’s rights.Black feminist thoughtBlack feminist thought is basically a book that consists of ideas that black women that defines astandpoint for the black women. This book was published by Patricia Hill Collins. Containing384 pages about black feminism and general studies. Expressed the fact that women should beself-defined which means that women need to accept who they are and not to accept other views.Also talked about self-valuation which is black women believing in their own values and notinternalizing other views.Why Women always take Advantage of MenWhy Women always take Advantage of Men was written by Zora Neale Hurston. This story