IntroVideo games have long been debated on whether they can be traced back as the source of bad behavior. Although, as we look back through history, as we have seen aggressive, ill behavioured people long before video games were invented?  People like Adolf Hitler and Ivan the Terrible were cruel, sadistic people long before video games were an idea, so to think that these games incite violent behavior is absurd. Violent video games do not have a correlation with violent behavior.2. Laboratory Studies There have been a multitude of laboratory studies done on the mental effects of video games and to its players, and all have had a majority conclusion that these games do indeed spark a little aggressiveness and violence in these subjects. However, as Terence Hines, a professor of neurology at Pace University, writes, “The laboratory conditions under which games’ effects were tested were very different from the real world” (Hines ). These laboratory studies had very trivial, inconsequential ideas for the participants’ ideas of ‘violence’ such as being “‘more likely to expose others to loud, irritating noises, report feeling more hostile on a questionnaire, give longer prison sentences to hypothetical criminals’ or, my personal favorite, ‘give hot sauce to people who do not like spicy food'” (Hines ). Not only are these laboratory studies trivial, they do not control for one aspect: learning under pressure. The participants are subjugated to conditions in which they must learn a new game, while given a specific time limit on how much they play. Typically, this can be frustrating, and could account for the anger and violence they ‘seem to have’.3. Crimes Now, one topic that the general public usually turn to when addressing the effects of these games is public shootings, the most notable ones being school shootings. However, as we delve deeper into the people responsible, let us take a look at their mental history. Probably the most infamous shooting happened at the turn of the century, when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold shot and killed 15 people, including themselves. Eric Harris was identified with stereotypical psychopathic behavior- egotistical, filled with anger, and devoid of a senseful conscience. Dylan Klebold had paranoia and suffered from delusional thinking. Both of these kids had time at a gun range, where they practiced their shots. Yet, despite all this, they still considered the main problem to be attributed with violent video game playing, seeing as it was an obvious explanation and scapegoat. Instead, they used it as a way to express their angst and to relieve themselves of isolation by connecting to the online world. Their parents took these away