My Immediate reaction to this documentary was that It was really brave of the three guys to go to Africa into a hostile country and film all of the horrible things that are happening in the Sudan. I also felt very sad for all of the children in the Sudan who were being abducted away from their parents. 2. The most outstanding part of the documentary is when they showed what happened at night in the hospital when all of the children come every night Just to sleep and know that the rebels aren’t going to come get them.

Also the fact that when Jacob was talking about how he missed his brother he said that he would rather be killed than be abducted by the rebels because of the pain and suffering that they go through. 3. In a way, yes, I was surprised at how nonchalance the adults were acting but also you have to realize that they have to deal with it everyday and they know that there is nothing that they can do to stop the rebels and also because their government is so corrupt any balancing aid that they receive from other countries their President and government officials were stealing the money. 4.

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The first improvement from the children’s lives needs to be that each gets a fresh air of clothes, a new pair of shoes, a new blanket, and instead of having to sleep on a straw mat the hospital should cover the floor In mattresses so that the children do not have to sleep on the ground. 5. I think that Instead of the UN or a MONGO try o set up villages, schools, or opportunities to start businesses that they should instead come in with military support to not necessarily fight the rebels but to have a presence to show the rebels that they need to back off and stop abducting the children otherwise they will come with force.

Also the military could guard the hospitals and schools and try to prevent he rebels from coming in. 6. I don’t think that I have any responsibility for these children but I believe that their government has a big responsibility and that there should be an election to put someone In power that will not be corrupt and that will also look out for the children’s best Interests by eliminating the presence of the rebels. . I think that In 20 years some of these children who are able will attempt to change the way that the children are being treated because they went through it and don’t want toners to nave to surer Like teeny Ana too. I tank toners wall move Tar away to try o escape the horrible memories of what they had to go through. 8. The long term affects on Uganda will be that they are not educating there future.

They do not realize that eventually they will die and all of the children are not being educated so they will not be able to properly run the country leading to an even deeper downfall of Uganda. 9. The media has overlooked the situation in Uganda because possibly when they have gone in to do a story or get some footage the rebels may have threatened them to not show the film or else they will come and murder them. Also they may have been bribed with money not to say anything. 0.

One thing that I am willing and have been doing for the past couple years is going to a website called Frederic. Com. It is a website where you get a vocabulary word and four possible definitions. When you match the correct one you get ten pieces of rice in a bowl to the side of your screen. For every ten words you get 100 grains of rice which is donated all over the world to feed the poor. There is no limit as to how many words you can do so every night I try to do at least twenty words. Not only is it helping me with my vocabulary words but it gives food to people that really need it.