A huge argument in the smartened industry Is the debate as to whether Android or ISO Is superior. This debate can lead to heated arguments and even using colorful language. A good comparison of smartness Is to compare the Google Nexus 5 to the Apple Phone 5. Although the Phone 5 has great features, the Nexus 5 Is superior in various ways because of the freedom to control your own devices software, ease of use for media formats, and hardware specifications.

Google’s Android software that runs on the Nexus 5 is the stock version that all Android phones use without any added themes or bloater the individual manufacturers add. The Nexus 5 always has the latest version of Android Just as the phone always has their current latest software. The Nexus 5 has the ability to be themed and made to have any custom look you desire to have. There’s plenty of free software that allow you to customize every aspect of the software which include a plethora of custom launchers, custom icons and even custom themes that change the entire layout of the software.

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The phone 5 on the other hand only allows you to arrange your Icons Into folders and that’s about all the customizing you get. Phone 5 doesn’t allow any custom launchers or custom Icons to be Installed. The Google Nexus 5 Is also extremely media format friendly, while the Phone 5 Is very Limited as to what media formats it can use. Google Nexus 5 can play every popular media format which include amp, amp, cog, and flag to name a few. The video formats the Google Nexus 5 also supports every popular video format which include Aviva, make, move and move amongst plenty others (“Google Plan 2012).

The Apple phone 5 is limited to using their proprietary media formats which is very restrictive. In order to use other formats, the user must have Apple’s tunes installed on their computer and use that to convert the media to Apple’s proprietary format which includes a great amount of time depending on the hardware specifications of the computer being used for the conversion. In order to get the music or videos on the phone 5, It has to be done using tunes and only one specific computer.

If the user Is going to copy drum free music from a friend, the entire music library they have would have to be deleted and then they are allowed to sync the new media they want. This is done in attempt to prevent piracy. Google Nexus 5 does not have these limitations and is able to copy media from any device or APS via USB, wife, internet, and even Bluetooth. The Google Nexus 5 is far superior when it comes to being social because of the hardware that is included.

While both devices have similar features, it isn’t all that many. The phone 5 has had a screen size of four inches for a few releases even though the smartness with screens bigger than 5″ have grown in popularity immensely. The phone 5 has a pixel per Inch of 326 (“Apple Support”, 2013). While the Google Nexus 5 has the pixel density of 445 Pl (“Google Play”, 2012). The amount of sharpness is extremely noticeable even though Apple said the naked eye wasn’t able to see It.

Apple also released a commercial saying no one would need a smartened bigger than a 4″ screen because of the range of motion of the average persons thumb (Tech Life channel, 2 2) when It comes clown to raw CPU power Ana Denmark 5 beats the Nexus 5 by a small margin. This margin is so small that it should not be the deciding factor on which phone to purchase since the average user will not notice a difference at all in their everyday use. The storage of both devices are extremely limited since neither device has expandable storage by means of using a micros card.

Both devices require the user to use cloud storage as their solution. The connectivity of these two devices are on par with each other and is mainly limited by the cellophane service providers and their cell phone towers. Both phones include Bluetooth 4. 0, GAPS, dual-band Wi-If AC, wireless charging but only the Google Nexus 5 has MFC available. MFC is vastly growing in popularity as it allows you to use MFC tags that are preset for certain tasks to be automated. MFC also allows the smartened to be used to make purchases by simply tapping the device to the MFC enabled machine.