is only so much of it. Let’s say for example that Netflix
want increase the amount of time you spend on it. It starts to introduce auto
play. Then, if that auto play works other companies will look at that and go
“Oh no that auto play is shrinking my amount of attention” Then they start the
auto play trend. Now all the big companies have auto play. Like Facebook they
play videos even if you don’t click on them. The internet is not changing at
random it is actually a race to see who can stoop lower to get that attention.
Let me give you an example of snapchat. If you didn’t know snapchat is the
number one way of teenager to communicate.



What is the common goal and main mission of all things such
as; games, news, websites, politicians? It’s to get our attention (Pause) and

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Technology is integrated in our lives every day. In fact, A
bunch of people working at companies control the minds of millions of people
every day. From YouTube notifications to Facebooks auto plays, they’re all want
for one thing (Pause) our attention. Just imagine a small room with switches
and dials that shape the thoughts of millions of people. This sounds like
science fiction but it exists today. When we think about technology, we say
that it has a wide range of possibilities and application, that it can go
anywhere be anything. But in reality, technology is taking a specific route.



Technology, is the application of scientific knowledge for
practical purposes, and is derived from the Greek word tekhn?. However, we
don’t really think that when someone says technology, we usually associate
technology with our smartphones, or our tablets and laptops. But do we ever
really go back and think what the technology is and how much technology affects
our lives, or who invented it. In fact, most for granted, imagine a world where
there is no technology there would be no fire, no paper, forget cars there
aren’t any wheels, there will be no electricity, no telephones and of course…
(Pause) no internet. So, I am dedicating this speech to express to many
thoughts and opinions about technology.