Since the quality and service of the traditional sandwich bars In Britain are very poor , Prêt a Manger has decided to offer high quality , healthy , preservative and additive free food with best in class services . Prêt offering was based around premium quality sandwiches &other heath oriented lunches Including salads , sushi and range of deserts ,priced higher than traditional sandwich bars and DOLS pre-packed In attractive & convenient packaging ready to go.

Service aimed to be fast & friendly to give customers a Mullen queuing time . Malignantly the philosophy of best quality food , prêt has given great Importance on freshness of food . Unlike the food sold In high street shops , pet sandwiches are all handmade by staff In each shop starting at 6. 0 every morning to give a distinctiveness and freshness &amp: all food that hasn’t been sold by the end of the day is given away free to local charities .

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Denver on those promised service levels consistently hen dealing with customers – As prêt management Is putting lot of emphasis on sourcing , quality , freshness and more Importantly healthy sandwiches by avoiding preservatives ; lateness teeny nave monumental In ten wheedles to communicate with the customers by claiming “Passionate about food , rejecting the use of obscure chemicals,additives& preservatives common in so much of the prepared & fast food on the market today – if there’s a secret tour success so far we like to think its determination to focus continually on quality – not Just our food , but in every specs of what we do ” This claim made by the prêt management – has been experienced by the customer and enhances the customer delight If steps 1 through 3 are performed better than competitors , a competitive advantage exists in the area of customer service and exploited as such – As Prêt has got the competitive advantage in terms quality of food and healthy as well as fast service , the same has been exploited well be putting up the e claim in their website .

Close contact with customers to understand customer needs – In line with this philosophy , The Prêt Bessie lists the names and Phone numbers of its senior executive , actively invites customers to comment or complain about their experience and encourages them to contact the company . Also to check the service quality of each stores , mystery shoppers has been sent to each stores . Reward systems to recognize efforts that are consistent with quality objectives – In all prêt stores service quality is checked regularly by the use of mystery shoppers a shop receives a good report then the staff there receive APP an hour bonus in the week of the visit .