I’ve been a fan of your work for a very long time now, one of the first books that I ever read by you was A Game of Thrones which was the first novel of your series A Song of Ice and fire and that was way back when I was in middle school when everyone was into Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games. I don’t know how that makes my parents look, allowing an 11-year-old to read a medieval fantasy book clearly made for adults, but what I remember the most about my experiences reading that book was the pure enjoyment of imagining myself in the great land of Westeros, the mystery of what was going to happen next to my beloved characters, and the complex politics of who would rule the seven kingdoms on the Iron Throne. Fast forward to the present, when HBO’s T.V. series Game of Thrones (GOT) became a household name all over the world with millions of fans anxiously waiting for your new book The Winds of Winter, the sixth novel in your series A Song of Ice and fire and for season 8 to finally be released in the early months of 2019. With the new found source of fame and fortune, there is also the fair share of criticism you get over your books and the T.V. series that follows them. You’re criticized for not being attentive on your writing, you’re labeled as a sell out by some people in the writing industry, and you’re burned alive by our society for your portrayal of violence, rape, and incest in the T.V series and in your books. But for today I just want to talk about one specific criticism I hear constantly from other people that haven’t fully read your books or haven’t fully seen HBO’s T.V. series, which is the accusation that in your pieces of work your overzealous with killing off central characters in the book and T.V. series and you overdo the portrayals of violence, rape, and incest. In my opinion it’s totally reasonable that people who first read your book or see the T.V. series get that reaction because c’mon George you killed the main protagonist in your first book and in the first season of Game of Thrones, Eddard Stark by beheading him in front of both his daughter in a public setting, but that wasn’t one of the worst deaths in the first book or in season one. George if you remember you also killed Eddard’s son and wife Robb Stark and Lady Catelyn by them being betrayed and murdered in a wedding that later came to be known as the ‘The Red Wedding’. Overall, that’s just scratching the surface of your storytelling and I personally don’t mind it, but instead, I’m quite interested in how you unravel the plots and make it more complex and eye-opening for the your audience. Furthermore, I just wanted to ask a question to all the people who criticize your work for being too violent and vile. Have you guys ever read or heard the pieces of work that the great William Shakespeare wrote? Such as Hamlet, Macbeth, or even Titus Andronicus I don’t think so. Let me just give a short recap of what violent and vile things happen in your dear Shakespeare’s works of art, so for instance in Hamlet do you how many people live throughout the ending of the play? About two main characters and a handful of small ranking characters and do you how many main characters George R.R. Martin has killed in the entire series of Game of Thrones? About 15. Shakespeare has killed more people in a single piece of his work than George has done in the past five book he has published. Let’s just keep it really short with Macbeth, if you’ve read or seen the part of the ‘The Red Wedding’ in Game of Thrones you know that it’s very upsetting to see the grim faith of some of the beloved characters in the series, but if you compare it to reading Macbeth you will just feel like ‘The Red Wedding’ was just a stroll in the park compared to it. And finally if we want to talk about overdone portrayals of violence and horror let’s talk about Titus Andronicus which basically is a play about a young girl who gets dragged into a forest by two men who brutally rape her, and later after that deed was done the men chopped off her hands and her tongue, so that the girl will never be able to tell anyone who did it. When the father of the girl found out what happened to her, he figures out who the men were who did this to her and goes off to find and kill them, after the father killed both men he bakes their corpses into a pie and forcefully feeds it to their mother. Later in the end of the play, the father murders his daughter that was raped and physically disfigured. Now that’s what I call a really gruesome story not meant for the people who are lighthearted. What violent scene from George R.R. Martin books can be compared to Titus Andronicus? Let’s make something crystal clear about George R.R. Martin pieces of work very few of his characters deaths are completely shocking they’re mostly the consequences of characters making dumb mistakes and getting blindsided by honor, pride, and ego. In conclusion for all the people who criticize George R.R. Martin because of his violent killings and acts of horror, everything is planned and nothing just happens randomly in Game of Thrones compared to William Shakespeare pieces of work.  George R.R. Martin always has a plan and purpose for his story, so don’t sell him out short he might surprise you with what he comes up next.