As Andrew explains, many people that walk around the cities carrying there pods in their pockets, purses and hands are “in another world”. He talks about being In public and the attempts to Interact with other people. “When others say “Excuse me” there’s no response. “Hall”, ditto. It’s strange to be among so many people and hear so little. (Sullivan, 2005) I hint the lack of response has nothing to do with the ‘Pods, but more to do with the Increasing number of people that lack respect and home training. Other reasons people may not have responded could be because they are shy or scared. Even without the pods attached in one’s ears, the same people that did not respond would more likely still not respond without the use of the electrical device. Andrew describes the people living in an World as “eyes a little vacant. Each was in his or her own musical world, almost oblivious to the world around them. (Sullivan, 2005) He sews this as being “dead”. Another can symbolize this state as meditation; finding peace and tranquility. Music was meant for Just that purpose; putting one in a peaceful state of mind and the body tranquil to Its surroundings. As Andrew puts it, “The chance to slip away for a while from everydayness, to give our lives Its own soundtrack, to still the monotony of the commute, to listen more closely and carefully to music that can lift you up and keep you going. ” (Sullivan, 2005) We all need to escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Music, as simple as it is, is an amazing resource of medicine, regardless of the type of music. Everyone’s taste In music Is different and what Is relaxing for one may be annoying to another. Music can also be a positive distraction for many kids. Instead of finding ways to terrorize the neighborhood or being the class bully, music can open doors and expand a kid’s creative mind. Even as adolescents, we need to place our minds In a meditated state. Peer pressure and “external stimulation can crowd out the Interior mind. Even the boredom that we flee has its uses. We are forced to find our own means to overcome it. (Sullivan, 2005) To overcome where our minds can wonder to escutcheon, we utilize ten sleep symphonies AT musical sources gatherer In our pods. The pods were made small and sleek. pods use ear buds. The large, big and bulky headphones once used have minimized in size to thin, white cords with miniature “speakers” that are placed in the user’s ears. The advancements made with pods are that they also hold digital media: photos and games. Pictures can be downloaded along with songs, video clips and movies. “The thing with digital media s that it’s very easy to keep, and it doesn’t get wrinkled like old photos. (Shone, 2009) The best thing about pods is its convenience. The ability to use a device for long periods of time for entertainment purposes that rests in the palm of your hand and readily available at your fingertips is a simple, yet well treasured feature.

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Andrew Sullivan claim that our society is dead is a bit harsh. It seems as if his use of the words were suppose to be negatively sarcastic. If that is the case I think the more appropriate word for “dead” would possibly be zombie; or less morbid, Andrew could say that our society looks “highly medicated”. To characterize us, including himself as dead, is dramatic. An alternate word for retreat” could be words of the opposite, such as Join or submerge; but retreat is getting carried away.

His use of words are condescending and insulting. If you choose to stay less advanced in the world of technology that is certainly your choice. As pointed out there are several uses for the pod. It is a great investment that offers hours of entertainment. I can appreciate Andrews comment that we live in an oriole, but I do not believe that we have retreated to one, nor do I approve of his characterization of us as dead. Instead I feel that the advanced technology has enabled us to become an active member of the ‘World.