ixolate ion BY vtvekshukla2709 Index Acknowledgement Introduction & Objective Theory Requirements Procedure Observation & Calculation Result of class thereby declare that this investigatory project of chemistry on “Study of presence of Oxalate Ion content in Guava fruit at different stages of ripening” is made by my own hard work and efforts under the supervision of our Chemistry Teacher Signature: Guava is a sweet, Juicy and light dark green coloured fruit, when ripe it acquires a yellow colour & has a penetrating strong scent.

The fruit is rich in vitamin C & inerals. It is a rich source of oxalate and its content in the fruit varies during different stages of ripening. In this project, we will learn to test for the presence of oxalate ions in the guava fruit and how it amount varies during different stages of ripening. Oxalate ions are extracted from the fruit by boiling pulp with dil. H2S04. Then oxalate ions are estimated volumetrically by titrating the dilution with standard KMn04 solution. fig:- Oxalate Ion Requirements: – 100 ml.

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Measuring flask, pestle & mortar, beaker, titration flask, funnel, burette, eight-box, pipette, filter paper, dilute H2S04, N/20 KMn04 solution, guava fruits at 1 . ) Weigh 50. 0 g of fresh guava & crush it toa fine pulp using pestle-mortar. 2. ) Transfer the crushed pulp to a beaker & add about 50 ml. dil. H2S04 to it. Boil the contents for about 2 minutes. 3. ) Cool & filter the contents in a 100 ml. measuring flask. Make the volume up to 100 ml. by adding distilled water. 4. ) Take 20 ml. of the solution from the measuring flask into a titration flask& add 20 ml. of dil. H2S04 to it.

Heat the mixture to about 600C & titrate it against N/20 KMn04 solution taken in a urette. 5. ) END POINT: appearance of permanent Light-Pink colour. 6. ) Repeat the exp. With 50. 0 gof 1, 2 & 3 days old guava fruit. Observations & Calculations Weight of Guava Fruit taken:- titration:- 20. 0 ml 50. 0 g Volume of guava extract in 1/20 Normality of KMn04 Solution:- Guava extract from Burette Readings Initial Final con. vol. of N/20 KMn04 Fresh Guava ml. 1 day Guava 2 day Guava 3 day Guava Concordant volume: (X) For fresh Guava, (guava extract) NIVI N2V2 (KMn04 sol. ) NI x 10=1/20xpo Normality of Oxalate, NI = (X)/200 1 .

Strength ot Oxalate in Fresn guava extract, = Normality x Eq. mass of oxalate ion 1200 x 44 = (X)/200 x 44 VI. of the diluted extract 2. ) Strength of Oxalate in 1 Day guava extract, VI. of the diluted extract 3. ) Strength of Oxalate in 2 Day VI. of the diluted extract 4. ) Strength of Oxalate in 3 Day VI. of the diluted extract Result Strength of Oxalate ion in, Fresh Guava: _g/l. 1 Day Guava: _g/l. 2 Day Guava: _g/l. 3 Day Guava: _g/l. Presence of oxalate ion is high in guava, about amount of oxalate ion decreases as it ripens!!! % of guava contains oxalate ions,