JEDI COUNCIL: Zach, Nick, Alex,

MACE: Skywalker, we have endorsed your arrangement to the Council as the
Chancellor’s own delegate.

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ANAKIN: I will do my best to maintain the standards of the Jedi Order. 

YODA: Permit this arrangement daintily, the Council does not. Aggravating is
this move by Chancellor Palpatine.

ANAKIN: I understand, sorry master. 

MACE: You are on this Council, still we will not give you the title of

ANAKIN: What?! How might you do this?? This is unbelievable, it’s out of line .
. . I’m more effective than any of you. How might you be on the Council and not
be a Master? 

MACE: have a seat, Anakin

ANAKIN: My apologizes my Master. 

MACE: We have reviewed all frameworks in the Republic, and have discovered no
indication of General Grievous. 

YODA: Stowing away in the Outer Rim, Grievous is. The remote frameworks, you
should clear. hmmmmm

OBI-WAN: It might require some investment; however, we don’t have many squadrant
units to save. 

MACE We fly the units from the bleeding edge.

OBI-WAN: But then, it would be extremely deadly for us to permit the droid
armed forces to get back together.


YODA: Master Kenobi, our covert operatives reach, you should, and after that
hold up.

YODA: hmmm, shouldn’t something be said about the droid assault on kashyyyk? 

MACE: It is basic we send an assault amass there, promptly!

OBI-WAN: He’s correct, that is a framework we can’t bear to lose. It’s the
primary objective course for the that quadrant.

ANAKIN: I’m familiar with that system. It would require us little investment to
drive the droids off that planet.

MACE: Anakin, your objective is with the Chancellor, and Kenobi must locate
General Grievous’s where abouts are, and what he is plotting.

YODA: Go, I will. Great relations with planet kashyyyk, I have. 

MACE: We’re all in agreement then. Yoda will take a ship fleet of clones to
reinforce on Kashyyyk. May the Force be with us all. 




ANAKIN: What sort of babble is this, put me on the Council and not give me the
title of Master? That is never been done ever. It’s annoying!

OBI-WAN: Quiet down, Anakin. You have been given a significant privilege. To be
on the Council at your age in your life. It’s never been done before. Hear me
out, Anakin. The truth is you’re excessively near the Chancellor. The Council
doesn’t care for it when he meddles in Jedi undertakings.

ANAKIN: I vow to you, I didn’t make a request to be put on the Council.

OBI-WAN: Be that as it may, it’s what you needed! Your companionship with
Chancellor Palpatine appears to have paid off

ANAKIN: That has no relationship to this discussion master. 

OBI-WAN: No how it happened Anakin, you are in a dire situation. 

ANAKIN: You mean animosity to his loyalty. 

OBI-WAN: I gave many warnings that you there was conflict between the Council
and the Chancellor. I was very precise on that, was I not Anakin. Why didn’t
you listen to me in the first place? 

ANAKIN: The council doesn’t like that I’m the youngest jedi on that council
there ever was. 

OBI-WAN: No, it isn’t. Anakin, I stress when you talk about envy and pride.
Those are not Jedi contemplations. They’re not safe, they’re frightening, dark
mindful intentional thoughts.

ANAKIN: Master, out of all people you should believe in my capabilities. My
loyalty lies with the republic master.

OBI-WAN: I hope, Anakin

ANAKIN: I feel there is more to what you are saying master, like there is a
double meaning under your reasoning. 

OBI-WAN: Listen to me Anakin, the reason you have given the task to spy on the
chancellor, is because you have close relationship with him and can get close
to him.

ANAKIN: so, what? What does that mean.

OBI-WAN: Look at me Anakin, I don’t want to you to interfere
with the council’s inattentions just stay on task with your objective and stay
out of the situation.

ANAKIN: situation, what situation do you speak of? 

OBI-WAN: Your objective from the council is to report all the chancellors
recent activates to the council, and find out if he’s behind anything plotting.

ANAKIN: Wait a minute, you what? You want me to spy on the chancellor? why
that’s absurd it’s un-heard of, I won’t do it.

OBI-WAN: Look Anakin. The Jedi Council is promised to maintain the standards of
the Republic, regardless of whether the Chancellor does not.

ANAKIN: And for what reason didn’t the Council give me this mission when we
were in the council meeting?

OBI-WAN: This mission if a personal mission only for you and will not be
recorded on your record. Think of it as a top-secret mission for you.

ANAKIN: But master, the chancellor is not to be un-trustworthy, he’s loyal to
the council and has been for as long as he’s served and he’s a great friend of
mine. Master please.

OBI-WAN: Anakin, that is the reason you need to do this task for the council, Anakin.
Our alliance is to the Senate, not to its pioneer who has figured out how to
remain in office long after his term has lapsed.

ANAKIN: Obi-wan the senate advised papaltine to stay longer as the chancellor
of the republic. 

OBI-WAN: Of-course Anakin but don’t you sense it? Something is clearly wrong

ANAKIN: So, your asking me to do something against the code of the Jedi,
against the republic, even the chancellor my friend. That’s breaking the rules!

OBI-WAN: The Council is asking you. 

ANAKIN: Fine I will do what the council ask of me. If it
brings me one step closer to obtaining the rank of master.





OBI-WAN: Anakin is not happy with the mission he was assigned by the council.

YODA: hmmmmm. A lot skywalker under the influence of the palpatine, he is. Much
outrage there is in him. An excess of jealousy and anger in his forces.

MACE: I don’t think it’s very safe to put them together, its not safe, I really
don’t trust the chancellor he’s up to something.

OBI-WAN: Anakin should be fine with this assignment, I have
hope in him. 

MACE: I wish I had some hope for this situation. 

OBI-WAN: Pardon me master windu, but is Anakin not chosen by the force is he
not to bring balance to the war and peace to the galaxy?

MACE: yes, that is what the prophecy says, but I’ve been having second thoughts
lately and see a very dark future in skywalker if he doesn’t clean up his act. 

YODA: hmmmmm. The prophecy, maybe misread by the council it could have been,
hmmmm, yes.

OBI-WAN: I’ll make sure he won’t let us down. He never has after all. I trust
him with everything.

YODA: I trust right you are. What’s more, now annihilate the Droid armed forces
on Kashyyyk, I will. May the Force be with you.