Denis Nepenthe Dear premier, I am writing to you because of this new toll road. I with thousands of other adamant people urge you not to destroy almost over a hundred homes and diminish our beautiful bush lands in Royal Park, Just to make way for an $8 billion toll road. It is no coincidence that the liberal party has caused havoc all over Victoria as the $1. 5 billion Mike project is a complete bust, and as the disastrous desalination plant was a failure.

At school we got taught how to debate and last year I was debating against the east west toll road. With my school we went to parliament house as for our inquiry unit, and I was fortunate enough to shake your hand and I respect our leaders. It is obvious that if you build this east west toll road you will have such a bad reputation, that when time comes to the re-election you will be in danger of not being re-elected and also going on with that topic pry to the last election your party promised that you would build the Detonates rail.

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You would leave a greater legacy if you would commit, as promised building the Detonates Rail Project. I Just don’t get it; so many children grow up learning to always keep their promises and as the premier of Victoria you’ve broken one. Great cities have great public transport and parkland’s. If you build this toll road you will Jeopardize Melbourne high livable status. I hope as from a thirteen year olds perspective that you change your mind. Yours sincerely, James alkaloids, 13 year old student