Jocelyn Paek #21

January 18, 2018

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Current Event


of Article: St. Louis Zoo Welcomes
Eight Adorable Cheetah Cubs

Source of Article:  

Author of Article: Kavi Dolasia

Date of Article: January 15

Location: Wildlife safari;
White Oak Conservation Center; Yulee, Florida; Winston, Oregon; St. Louis Zoo; Missouri;
River’s Edge Cheetah Breeding Center

Countries: United states of
America                Continents: North America


Vocabulary Words: 

1.  Hailed: cheer

2.  Respective: personal

3.  Adept: very skilled


Summary paragraph:

          In the article, St. Louis Zoo
welcomes Eight Adorable Cheetah Cubs, by Kavi Dolasia it shows a mama
cheetah getting eight cubs.  Eight
cheetah cubs coming from one mama cheetah is a very important victory. This is
because even one cub is hailed
as a victory to the cheetah’s species because cheetahs are endangered. 

          This birth of eight cubs happened at
the St. Louis Zoo in Missouri, and this birth is a new record for the amount of
baby cheetah cubs.  The mother cheetah,
Bingwa, is from an animal park in Winston. 
The article states that she had five females and three males. Bingwa is
truly adept.  This is because Bingwa also had seven cubs
before she had the eight cubs, but only one out of the seven cubs survived.

          Many of the zoo keepers are taking
care of each of the cubs by grooming, feeding, and many other things. Soon
enough when the cubs grow older, they will go to their respective homes.  Bingwa’s litter of eight cubs was truly a
great help to the cheetah’s species.     


Response Paragraph:

          Reading this article made me realize
that even a small amount of cubs could cause a great effect on an animal’s species.  After reading about this article I’m concerned
about the future because if there aren’t enough cheetah cubs cheetahs might
become extinct.  This article also gave
me hope for cheetahs because if there are more cheetahs like Bingwa there might
be a chance that the cheetahs might not be endangered anymore.  Because the more cubs there are, the more

will be.  I’m glad there was a cheetah
like Bingwa.