However, some of his legislation made enemies for him. Consequently, some say that was why he did not get out of office alive (Willets 260). Joseph Patrick Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy had nine children. Both of John F. Kennedy’s parents were from political families. The Kennedy family became wealthy after President Kennedy’s father, Joseph P. Kennedy became a self-made millionaire. Joseph P. Kennedy was the first chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission and also the U. S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom. All of this had taken place during the administration of President Franklin D.

Roosevelt. Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy’s father, John F. Fitzgerald, served In the state senate and the united States House of Representatives and he also was the mayor of Boston for two terms (Falloff 2) During John F. Kennedy’s younger years he attended two different elementary schools, one in Brookline and the other would be located in Riverside. Joseph P. Kennedy sent 13 year old John F. Kennedy to Canterbury School in New Milord, Icon.. But he did not stay long. He would soon be transferred to Cheated Academy in Wellingtons, Icon. Kennedy graduated from Cheated Academy three years later when he was 18.

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The class he graduated with voted him “most likely to succeed” in which he did succeed in life. Kennedy traveled to England for a summer, but ended up staying longer than expected when he enrolled at Princeton university that fall. He did not stay at one college Just as when he was younger. Kennedy developed Jaundice Just after one semester and did not return to Princeton university. When Kennedy got over his sickness he entered Harvard university where he majored In government and International relations, which helped him later In life when he became chief executive.

Kennedy traveled to Europe the summer of his noir year of college and he interviewed politicians and statesmen about their views of the crisis that led to World War II. When Kennedy went back to Harvard he tried to explain in his senior thesis that the United Kingdom was not ready for war. After Kennedy graduated from Harvard he attended Stanford university graduate business school, but he did not stay long for he enlisted as a seaman in the U. S. Navy (Willets 261). In Mr.. Tallboy’s article he stated that “As the U. S. Once again finds itself in an endless war?this time against terror, or perhaps against fear itself?the question of

Kennedy’s true legacy seems particularly loaded. What Is the best way for America to navigate through a world where its enemies seem everywhere and nowhere at the same time? What can we learn from the way Kennedy was trying to redefine the U. S. Role In the world and to Invite Americans to be part of that change? Who was the real Join Étagère Kennedy (allot 1)? As ten unlace states Tints Itself In an endless war once again many people watched Kennedy closely to see if his legacy was true or if it was Just a myth. Many people thought Kennedy was a cold war hawk, when actually he was a dove. He was not trying to prolong the cold war.

The only war Kennedy was willing to fight was a war for peace (Tallboy). The Cold War was the result of the Peace Corps program which was a program to get Americans involved in the cause of global democracy, peace, development, and freedom. The peace corps was incorporated on March 1, 1961 by executive order. Kennedy’s brother-in-law, R. Sergeant Shiver, directed the Peace Corps for Kennedy. Shiver would recruit a task force, which he would then energize his task force to implement recommendations. Leaders from India, Ghana, and Burma sent Shiver invitations to place Peace Corps in their Mounties on his first trip abroad as director.

The Peace Corps became permanent on September 22, 1961 as a federal agency within the State Department when Kennedy signed the legislation. Kennedy knew that his brother-in-law was the best for this Job because he was very motivational and a visionary leader. After intense dialogue and debate among members of the task force Shiver marked multiple steps to forming the Peace Corps. It did not take long before the Peace Corps to become unpopular. In the sass’s many American’s got eroded during the Vietnam War and Watergate scandal (Fingers).

All in all, Kennedy did many things in office. Some of which people did approve of, but many different organizations did not approve of his legislation acts. Kennedy tried to get the United States out of all controversies in the world. His hard work paid off for a while… But not long. For which he got assassinated for the different legislation act which did not Just affect, but angered many people. Some of those people were not Just citizens, but they were federal workers. Mr.. Ross stated that “Kennedy was a womanlier. He did not up held the idea of a President” (Ross Interview).