John O’Malley           


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Van Donk, Speech

Sec. #026, 066

Commemorating My Parents

Good morning, I have a lot of pride
in speaking in front of this communications class today and I am happy to be
giving tribute to my parents who have been here to guide me through all my
years. I can remember my first day of school, glued to my mom, fearing that I
was about to be alone for the first time. I specifically remember the words of
encouragement that they both have given to me. The trust I had, even at such a
young age, had me sticking out my chest and going into the classroom.  My parents took care of me in every aspect;
got me out of bed and ready in the morning, cooked for me (and still do),
cleaned up my messes, and disciplined me in ways that play a huge role in who I
am today. They have protected me to the best of their ability, and cared for me
when I got hurt. They have been there with a warm shoulder for me to cry on
through the hard times in my life, comforting me back to normal. Especially,
through the surgery in which I shared with you guys previously this semester.
They were there for my first steps, my first words, and my first injuries. My
parents show pride in my simplest accomplishments, such as a touchdown I would
score while playing youth football. Making my parents proud is the best
feeling; it fills me with the confidence to keep practicing the things I love.
These small acts of encouragement are what gave me my talents that I now
possess. They taught me so many beneficial things with total patience, like how
to swim, ride a bike and face my hardships. I know I grew too fast, slowly
leaving my childhood behind to unavoidably put them through the next stage of
my life. I read a quote once that said, “Parents can only give good advice or
put their children on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s
character lies in their own hands.” I am now learning how true this statement
is. I now have to decide where I go from here and what kind of person I would
like to be. I have always been dependent of my parents, wanting to be by their
sides as much as possible. This slowly changed as they had to slowly start
teaching me how to get along without them and become independent. They have
invested in me emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially, devoting
themselves completely into helping me proceed in life. They have always been
there to catch me when I have fallen and to also push me back into place when I
have wandered dangerously. Their love is endless and always forgiving, no
matter how I act or treat them. I often took advantage of the love that they
have given to me; never fully appreciating what I am so lucky to have. I failed
to acknowledge the challenges and difficulties that they had to go through in
everyday life of raising me. They did these things not expecting anything in
return, making sacrifices to better my future. They were a constant guard for
me, lifting me back up after I made mistakes. They are the strongest of
warriors when it came to my safety, protecting me when need be. Their ability
to defend me has been limited as I get older, getting me ready for the
hardships that I would meet one day alone. They have been teachers to me in
many ways, showing me how to get on my own, without them. Without my parents, I
would be lost. All these things that they have done for me have made me a
better and more secure person. My parents have taught me everything I needed to
get me here in this moment, making me evermore grateful for their efforts. The
success that is celebrated here today as my first semester of college
approaches an end is dedicated to my parents, my beloved parents, for without
their support I would not be here. I thank them a million times for getting me
here today.