Both seem to come from middle class neighborhood yet the each stories plot sakes place in vastly different settings. Sammy is a young guy probably fresh out of high school, which spending his summer working at the A, a Job that his parents probably arranged. Jessica is a 21 year old girl who is spending the night out with her friends. She doesn’t have much leadership and leaves the entire decision making up to her friends. Although Sammy and Jessica are passed puberty, they are both still learning what it means to be an adult. Jessica is still childlike and seemingly uncomfortable in her own skin.

She lacks self confidence and is constantly yearning to be someone other Han herself. For example Jessica says “Nancy has always been the head of the pack. Since we were young I longed to be her or Just Like her. She’s a head taller than Rachel and I and exudes an aura of confidence” (Seashell 1). Jessica lacks self confidence in herself which explains why she might still childlike. Sammy is beginning to enter manhood in which he begins to notice the opposite sex yet he does not know how to quite handle it. He notices three girls walking into the store and is immediately infatuated.

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Instead of making conversation with the girls or Just mind his own business, he chooses coyly ogle them with his eyes throughout the store and make little nicknames for each one such as “queenly” according to how he perceives each one. He notices little details In the girls that ultimately are sexually appealing. Such as “With the straps pushed off, there was nothing between the top of the suit and the top of her head except Just her, this clean bare plane of the top of her chest down from the shoulder bones like a dented sheet of metal tilted in the light. I mean, It was more than pretty” (Update 301).

He too is still child like in a sense, although his body and hormones are screaming otherwise. Both stories have a “queen” as Sammy said about the girl in the store who he feels is the leader of the pack. In the bloody orange dress, Nancy is the “queen”, in the sense that she is the one who seems to be calling all the shots. When things don’t turn out right for Sammy and Jessica, it’s easy to blame the two “quinine’s” for this. For example after Sammy stands up for the girls In the market by quitting his Job, the three girls Just walk out of the story without any sign of gratitude or recognition of Sammy.

Its easy to assume Tanat IT “queenly” NAS recognized Sammy teen so would the others but since she Just walked out not caring, the girls followed. In the bloody orange dress, Nancy is the leader. It is her who Jessica looks for guidance, so when she decides to stay at the club Nancy does not disapprove. Then when Jessica decides to call Nancy, she receives no answer therefore is forced to leave with Andre. As do many young people, the two characters in A and The bloody orange dress, do not think about the future, rather they think for the moment. Sammy does not think about what will happen if he quits his Job.

Even after Lange says to him “Sammy you don’t want to do this to you mom and dad”, Sammy proceeds to pull of his apron and quit (Update 304). He is not thinking about the future such as financially. Possibly, Sammy income is needed in the household to pay the families bills. By him quitting in such a quick manner, it puts a strain on the family. Yet he doesn’t consider that I his hasty decision. Similar to Jessica when she is standing outside the club and decides to let her friends leave without her. When Jessica friends asked if she was going to stay at the club, her response was “Mum, yes I guess I’ll stay’ (Kinesthesia 5).

Jessica wasn’t thinking about later when she had to have a stranger driver her home who will also now know where she lives. Rather all she was thinking at the moment was she wanted to continue dancing. Sammy and Jessica were forced to learn harsh lessons in different ways. They were both screwed by the opposite sex yet in a different sense. Sammy was treated unfairly by a female while Jessica was treated cruelly by a male. For example, men ant the attention of women so they do what they think will get it, which explains Sammy foolish decision to quit his Job.

Sammy naivety convinced him that if he quit his Job in front of the girls and stood up for them, that they would in turn give him praise and view him as the hero. Ultimately he hoped that would get him the girl. Yet after he quits, he realizes that the girls aren’t even there anymore let alone giving him and kind of praise. So now he is stuck with no Job and no girl. Jessica Naivety also gets her in trouble with the opposite sex. She decides to let go of her intuition and trust a man that she Just met.

After Jessica is conned into going to Andrews house, she is realizes Just how much her naivety has cost her. Especially when Andre has her in his bedroom and Jessica yells “Stop let me go, I need to go home! ” “Then why did you leave the club with me, if you didn’t want it? ” he asked grinningly, all the while pinning me down with his arms and legs” (Kinesthesia 7). Although, it is never mentioned in the story Jessica ultimately is raped and therefore loses her virginity. These two characters are different yet similar to any young person dealing with entering into adult hood.