John Evrard-MarshMr.MoranEnglish 12 Period 222 January 2018 Synopsis #4Billy starts out trying to read a book that he can not understand due to the writing graphics of it. He then is told that the reason he can not read the text is because they are just telegrams and that not everybody knows what is being said nor why with them. Billy is flashback to his young days as a young boy, while he is in this flashback he is on vacation at the grand canyon as well as the carlsbad caverns.Little things happen between but once again a bounce back towards his present life appears with him in Germany with the other P.O.Ws. The english officer that were captured start to do dancing and acting as if they were in Cinderella. It turns into a bad time though for Billy.. Billy while watching the dancing that the englishman are putting on is laughing so bad that he begins shrieking, he then is brought from the hideout to the hospital where he is restrained and given a morphine shot. Billy goes to a different time once again, this time he is in New York and in the bed next to him is a old infantry captain that goes by Eliot Rosewater, both of these 2 served and talk about world war 2. Rosewater tells Billy how he thought a 14 year old fireman was a German soldier and took action and fired on him (shot him). The rest of the reading is back and forth in time with himself, he travels to a time when he is kept in a big dome getting viewed upon of his actions at the tralfamadore zoo, then from here he travels on to the future of his life and he is out of the hospital for closely 6 months and he even graduated from school. Personal Opinion I have come to realize how weird and confusing this book actually is . ”My God..what have they done to you, lad? This isn’t a man. It’s a broken kite.” – Vonnegut 97 I think in this quote they are telling Billy that he is so damaged by what he has seen and been through, just like a kite, even though is flies through the harsh winds it will still stay high and mighty. ” How nice to feel nothing, and still get full credit for being alive ” – Vonnegut 105 Once again this has to do with all Billy has been through so far and the moments that have made him who he is and what will continue to make him up to the end of the book, there is not much to say about it considering it speaks for itself.” She upset Billy simply by being his mother. She made him feel embarrassed and ungrateful and weak because she had gone through so much trouble to give him life, and to keep that life going, and Billy didn’t really like life at all.” – Vonnegut 102 The first part of this quote I didn’t understand so I can’t really speak on that part of it, but I can on one of the parts and that is how Billy didn’t really like life at all. I can see Billy ot enjoying his life much anymore because he has seen so much in such little time which can really hurt you mentally and in the long time, and that eventually it will take a toll on your life and depress you.