A form used to apply for a job
A feeling or opinion about something or someone; a mental position with regard to a state “Negative” or “Positive” attitude.
Things that employers may offer you in addition to your wages; for example, health insurance, annual or sick leave, holidays, paid vacation, parking space or monthly reimbursement for parking space area, mileage for travel, and tuition reimbursement.

A profession for which one trains; a job or series of job that you do during your working life.
Classified Ads/Classified Section/Classified
Advertisements in a newspaper, magazine, or online, regarding job opportunities; the section of a newpaper, magazine or website devoted to advertisements about job opportunities.
Employment; the regular work a person does to earn money; a specific task or piece of work; a specific task or project that is one’s responsibility.
net wages
The amount of pay or wages you take home after all your deductions are taken out of your paycheck.
Using friends, family, and people in organizations that you know to help you find a job.
A person’s job
The chance to do something you want to do, advance, or progress; the chance to get a job.

An ability, characteritic or experience that makes you suitable for a particular job or activity.
An amount of money taken from your paycheck every payday(usually for things such as federal and state income taxes, employment taxes, social Security taxes, worker’ compensation coverage, and health insurance payments.
Knowledge or skill that one gets from doing, seeing or feeling something; the experience a person already has of working.
Aim or purpose; the end toward which effort is directed.
gross wages
The total amount of your pay or wages before any deductions are taken out of your paycheck.
The desire to learn about and/or be involved in a particular field or topic; activities that you enjoy doing or subjects that you like to learn about about and spend time studying.

Internal Revenue Service
A department of the U.S. government that collects taxes.