I can remember the time when I was trying to start my family. It was so hard planning around my employer’s work schedule and trainings. Then I started panicking about what time of year would be appropriate to take maternity leave. What I came to find out is that the old adage is very true – while you are busy planning, life happens around you while you aren’t paying attention. Your plan is already written.

I got stuck in a trap of worrying and planning and found myself busy trying to create a perfect plan. Well, that isn’t how life goes, and as much as you try, often the timing is never perfect.

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Four years later we finally became parents. My work schedule evened out and I found my employer to be friendly and flexible. I was also trying to obtain my Masters in Education at the same time.

There are so many helpful ways to achieve your degree these days. I found that a majority of my classes were offered in a long distance learning format. Long distance learning can be done in a few ways.

The most popular – something that has been gaining traction for years – is via the internet or what is commonly referred to as online classes.

This option was extremely helpful. There were days where the only time I could study or read was during my child’s nap. I could not drive to a class or get child care so it was great for me. My Masters in Education is now complete via this great online, distance learning process!