Explain the pragmatic, political measures Eisenhower used to manage the economy. Eisenhower was adored by millions. He was a well-grounded president that never forgot where he came from. HIS roots were always firmly planted and his goodwill towards the American people were well recognized. Eke was loved because when he had to solve a problem, he took the approach to solve It for the long term and not Just for today. With Eke in office, for both terms, he took a stance on employment, not raising the taxes and was against ?¦big government?C].

He approved many programs including the Highway Act. He funded these programs with the taxes and tolls the highway produced. He did not want to fund the programs from the general revenue. While this program was highly successful, it also created 1000?was of Jobs across the country. Eke used his political power to do things such as balancing the budget, lowering unemployment and increasing social security and the federal minimum wage. ?C Explain the politics of consensus.

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The word consensus means that a general Idea Is agreed upon. When It Is used In politics, It usually means that all of the parties are In agreement. Eke was a very popular and very powerful president. With this popularity, he did not try to use his power to force any issues upon any party. Instead he used his influence to allow all of the politicians to agree on any given subject. This consensus was accredited to Eke and further expanded his popularity across all of the parties as well as Americans.