Keys to good shoeThe keys to correctly select the work footwear and protect the health of the foot are the following: 1. You must have a thick rubber sole or similar material. It allows more exceptional comfort and safety when walking, and increases the safety of the foot, it will be non-slip and will improve its contact with the ground.2. The shank must be rigid . It helps the footwear to flex correctly, coinciding with the area of the metatarsophalangeal joint while avoiding twisting, which allows the dynamics of walking to develop comfortably and efficiently.3. Notch that protects the so-called “Achilles tendon” or calcaneal tendon, which reduces the repetitive impact of the shoe in this area in each step that occurs, so that it is protected.4. That the footwear has a first posterior buttress will help to lengthen its useful life, preventing it from falling out of control, which is especially recommended for people with a valgus heel (lateral deviation).5. Wide forefoot area . It is important that the shoes respect the natural width of the foot and, therefore, avoid compression of the fingers, lack of amplitude or height.6. Rupture of rigid tip . It is a design element in the sole very useful for the takeoff in each step, it is the space that exists between the tip of the shoe and the ground and its function is to favor the effect of the seesaw during the start of the march.7. Safety toe cap . In those jobs where it is necessary to increase protection (metallurgy, industry, construction, etc.) it is essential to choose a shoe with a resistant to that is also lightweight to facilitate movement.8. Check the height of the heel . If a job requires the use of a high-heeled shoe, it is essential to take into account that it does not exceed 4 cm . From this height, the weight is transferred to the forefoot, which results in overloads of the area that can cause metatarsalgia, overload by transfer in central radii, neuroma of Morton, helomas or hyperkeratosis, among other pathologies. In addition, it is advisable to be broad for greater stability .9. It must be breathable . The footwear that we use to work must allow a correct transpiration of the foot and the absorption of the sweat to avoid the continuous humidity in the same that could cause the maceration of the zone and favor the appearance of fungi .10. Be made with natural materials . It is advisable to use a shoe made with natural materials because, in addition to allowing the foot to breathe, it will offer greater comfort when walking.  About us :The most common affections in the feet developed in the work environment are mainly the metatarsalgias (pain in the anterior plantar area of the foot), bunions, claw toes or plantar fasciitis (pain and swelling in the heel area) in professions that require walking in excess or spend a lot of time standing and lacerations, punctures or sprains, in jobs in the industry sector, construction, steel, metallurgy or electricity .