In this essay I will tell you what Segregated believes it means to be a Christian. Segregated finds the task of being a true Christian extremely difficult. Segregated is not a Christian himself, but he has not ruled it out. He thinks most Christians are bad at being a Christian. Being a Christian means depending on God with everything you do. Throughout the story, he makes multiple remarks about Christians.

Segregated says to be a Christian, Is to have faith. In the very first paragraph Segregated says “As for my own humble person, the reader will please remember that It Is I who find the matter and the task extremely difficult” Segregated finds being a Charlatans an extremely difficult task to do. To be a Christian means that’s who you are and you can not change. There is no time to go out and have fun. Being a Christian means you are putting everything into being a Christian.

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The first paragraph on 232 says that last Sunday the clergyman said: “You just not depend upon the world, and not upon men, and not upon yourself, but only and alone upon God; for a human being can of himself do nothing” Segregated then says “And we all understood it, myself included; for the ethical and the ethics- religious are so very easy to understand, but on the other hand so very difficult to do. ” The clergyman says you depend on God, and only on God. It’s extremely difficult to depend on nothing except for someone who is not physically there.

You can absolutely never do something on your own. Segregated says that it is easy to understand, because it is. We get that we can not do anything on our own and that we always need to depend on God. But when you put this to work it usually does not happen. When you are doing things you believe you do not need any help but in fact you do. Saying something and doing something are two different things, usually easier said than done. It is almost impossible to do this. Which is a strong reason why Segregated finds being a Christian so hard.

There is so much to do and so much to member. On page 232 Segregated states “and on Monday it is so very difficult to understand that it concerns this little particular within the relative and concrete existence in which individual has his dally life, where the mighty man Is tempted to forget humility, and the humble person Is tempted to confound humility before God with a relative deference toward his superiors” I believe Segregated Is saying that what Christians learn on Sunday they are to show this every day of the week.

Which Is almost Impossible for someone to do. And If they do not they are not a true Christian on the following Sunday. If we do not have faith In God we can not do anything as a Christian. All in all, it is pretty easy to say being a Christian is difficult to do. You have to think auto every single thing you 00, Detour you ah It You always need to nave It In ten back of your head about what you do. You need to be aware of what you’re thinking about doing, what attitude you have towards things and if you’re doing something when you should be.

This is Just some of what I have learned from this story. I think the significance of this lesson is to show us how hard some things in life can be. How difficult life can be and how God is always watching. This whole story tells us multiple times how we can not do anything without God. You can never accomplish anything on your own, no matter how hard you try. You depend on yourself to get something done but someone is always there helping to motivate you, even if you can not see him. God can be anywhere, at any time.