Killer mosquitoes are being released into the wild to decrease the population of female mosquitoes.These genetically modified bugs are helping by breeding with wild mosquitoes and passing downbacteria. The reason why the plans to release the lab raised killer mosquitoes lower the population offemale mosquitoes works is because of a strand of bacteria.Mosquitoes that have been raised in labs are helping with the amount of female mosquitoes spreadingdiseases by breeding with them. According to the EPA, MosquitoMate has five years to sell the lab rearedmosquitos to several states and the District of Columbia. All of the mosquitoes that are raised in labs aremale because the males of their species don’t bite. The females though aren't released so the males andfemales have to be separated. The company must find a way to separate them, so they do it by hand andmechanically. (Nature magazine) To be able to sell these mosquitoes, MosquitoMate had to geneticallyengineer the insects to infect the wild females with a strand of wolbachia. MosquitoMate is helping theU.S by selling killer mosquitoes which kill off the population.The species of mosquitoes that have been infected with a certain strand of wolbachia are called AsianTiger mosquitoes. According to Nature, when the lab reared male Asian Tiger mosquitoes mate with withwild females, which don't have the strand of wolbachia that the males have, the eggs won't hatch becausethe parental chromosomes didn't form properly. The population of Asian Tigers mosquitoes that can carrydisease will decrease because the females won't be able to produce eggs that will hatch. According toGovt. Slavs .com, this the the non chemical way of dealing with insect population. Because it’s safe,MosquitoMate has gotten a lot of interest from the public. Killer mosquitoes are helping lower the amountof Asian Tiger mosquitoes through breeding.The government has approved these killer mosquitoes to lower their population. The male mosquitoeskill them off by breeding with wild females that could carry disease. Killer mosquitoes are helpingdecrease the population of other