Social Psychology Dr. Allison The Kip Kinkel Story Looking at the trials and tribulations of an average adolescent’s life, there are many times of stress, trouble, and hopefully growth. If there are compounding instances of setbacks and hardships, this could be very detrimental to the development of a young mind. There are never any definitive answers as to why any of these young individuals who commit terrible acts of violence did what they did. There are multiple instances throughout their upbringing that can give some insight as to what could have led to the execution of a horrendous violent outbreak.

Kip Kinkel was a lonely soul that fell into one of those instances of terrible violence outbursts. When looking at all of the past experiences of Kip’s childhood, there are lots of crucial clues that can give hints as to what led him to killing his parents, and eventually going on a shooting spree at school. Kip was the second child in a somewhat ideal family setting with one older sister. His parents were talented teachers, and had a nice home in the beautiful country outside of Eugene, Oregon. His older sister was quite a bit older than him, and was athletic and smart, and seemed to succeed at most of what she tried.

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His parents were smart and successful as well, which seemed to put a pressure on kip to be as successful as his family Kip just so happened to be dyslexic, which hurt his ability to learn. This learning disability got compounded when his family moved to Spain for a year, which was tough on Kip because he was the only one that spoke English in his class. Once they moved back to Eugene, Kip continued to struggle in first grade, which led to him being held back. This was extremely stressful on the young mind of Kip, and it added to the already steep pile of stress already upon him.

Kip was usually a smaller boy in his class, and never had a lot of friends. He eventually started hanging out with the rough kids from the country, which did not provide any good influence for him. Without any good influences from his friends, and the lack of success that his family expected, Kip was set on a course that would end in disaster. A lot of the blame can be attributed to the parents parenting style, but it is not the key component, but just one of the many things that acted together to tear apart the psyche of a young, tortured mind. Kip had a learning disability, wasn’t athletic, and didn’t have a lot of friends.

All of these things compounded together to just completely rip away any strand of self confidence that he could of possibly had. If you would try to nail down what could possibly be considered a “root cause”, the lack of self-confidence has to be the main explanation for what happened in Kip Kinkel’s life. If he could have found a couple good ways to pump up his self-esteem, I have no doubt that Kip wouldn’t be a story of a life gone wrong, but one where he leads as normal as a life as what most of us lead. The situation flexes its muscles once again, and shows how powerful a situation can mold a person’s actions.