Alias La Gringa Synopsis The film “Alias La Gringa” simply said was the third most successful film screened in Peru in 1991. It is a daring story that combines a prison drama which shows the structural violence and claustrophobia of Peruvian institutions, with the spectacular elements of the action-adventure genre such as escape attempts, bomb attacks, basketball matches and fights that contribute towards the development of tension and anticipation. This action packed film suffered many hard ships during its production that could of easily stop it right in its tracks.

A few shining example of this are the lack of funds the film had at it’s disposal and state support for national cinema. After along five year, Alberto Durant finally produced the film that the people where wanting. It stayed in theaters for a month in Peru, which is much longer than that of other films. At first Durant’s drama seems like a typical third person narrative, but one cant help to notice how it adopts the literal and ethical point of view of the protagonist, known as La Gringa.

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In the first scene of the film one is immediate overwhelmed with a compassionate feeling for La Gringa as he escapes a prison to be reunited with his devoted girl friend Julia. Unfortunately, to both their surprise, La Gringa is captured again, after being betrayed by a prisoner he left behind called Loca Luna. As a result from this treachery Loca Luna becomes La Gringa’s mortal enemy. After this point, most of the film takes place on the rocky island prison of El Fronton, where common criminals are kept apart from the political terrorists.

This where La Gringa meets Professor Oscar Montes who has been charged with terrorism offences but insists that he is innocent. Also in this part of the film we see tension start to rise up from prison Warden, who is fearful that if La Gringa escapes again, it will spell the end of his career as a result he plots with Loco Luna to have La Gringa murdered. The audience see’s this play out when Luna try’s to kill La Gringa but is surprisingly stopped by Professor Montes hitting him on the head with a rock. This is fallowed up with a second escape from a boat taking prisoners to a court on the mainland.

He is then reunited with his girlfriend Julia. While in a safe house, Julia arranges the false papers that will allow them to set up a new life in Guayaquil, Ecuador. La Gringa finds him self passing the time by watching an armored car unload in the street below. To Julia’s opposition, he wants to accomplish one more robbery, in hopes of giving them prosperity in the future. This scheme would quickly be set back when he reads a letter that Professor Oscar Montes asked him to smuggle out, even though it’s not addressed to him. In the letter, he learns that the Professor had wanted to escape with him, but had lacked the courage to ask.

As a result, La Gringa decides to return to the prison island in a bid to rescue the Professor who earlier saved his life and encouraged him with his literary endeavors. This ends up going horribly wrong, for he was captured and locked up in solitary confinement. The film would then take an interesting twist when a riot erupts and the Navy is called in to put it down. Admits all the chaos, a bomb frees La Gringa and he immediately finds the professor. To his disappointment and disgust, the professor was gunned down when he tried to surrender to the navy. The film en