My cat has an affinity for small, dark hiding places-I’ve often found her asleep in my dresser drawer, under the footstool, and inside my suitcase.

Myra and her sister are excited about their fledgling catering service, which was booked for three parties during its first week of business.
The worst part of our family reunion is hearing my uncle’s hackneyed jokes-the one he’s been telling since about 1950.
The children nearly drove their parents crazy on the long car trip with their incessant demands:”Are we there yet? Is it much further? How much longer?”
The writer Thoreau had no liking for opulence. He wrote in his journal,”That man is richest whose pleasures is the cheapest.”
I don’t drive a car, so when i was apartment hunting, i had to consider the proximity of public transportation.
The Bible tells the story of King Solomon, who was so sagacious that he knew what to do when to women came to him, both claiming to be the mother of the same children.
Acme Company fired its entire accounting staff today, It intends to supplant these employees with part-time workers.

“My opponent may try to attack me,” said the candidate, ” but my record is unassailable. On every issue, I’ve voted for the benefit of this city.”
Denise chose a wedding dress in a “Southern belle” style, with a long, voluminous skirt.

Now she’s worried she’ll trip over all those yards of material.