The spoken features of the four different extracts are all fairly deferent. For example ‘Text A’ uses pauses and stressed words. Pausing emphasizes words, in this case . Fat. “, this emphasis could be used to excite or engage the audience. Speaker A also uses stressed syllable and elongated words for emphasis for example “light, fat, straight and boat”. The emphasis Is used to express certain words and In a way these words summaries the text and these words are what the audience will remember after the entire text. This emphasis technique Is called and co-ordination-.

Text B’ sees fillers such as you know” this breaks up the speech making the speaker seem to have some attitude and a make the speaker sound a bit excited. The speaker also uses stressed syllables, hygienic”, this further adds attitude and give the speaker character. The text uses repetition and pausing which is non fluent for example ‘… Of bag ash on your (. ) on your cod” this makes the text have even more attitude and makes the speech seem as though the speaker is trying to be comical and try to get some laughs.

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Text C’ seems hesitant at first as though the speaker is not comfortable about speaking about the topic. This soon cannot be recognized as the speaker only seems too happy to slate off the smelly girl. The speaker uses hedging and non fluency features which show that the speaker Is relaxing and becoming excited and enjoying herself. Text D’ uses very similar spoken features to the other three extract. Stress, emphasis and elongating are used for example This exaggeration displays the feelings of the speaker clearly.

The feelings are in a way expressed so that the audience can picture what the scene is like. ‘And’ is used frequently throughout the text which turns it into more of a story or a passage of what the peaked has encountered. On a lexical level the four texts use a variety of methods and techniques to convey ideas express feelings. Text A’ uses positive adjectives, best and lovely”, which gives the extract a happy tone. The speaker is saying that she Likes the fish and chips and using the positive lexis.

The speaker also uses metaphors such as ‘spilling’ to further create the picture for the listeners to Imagine. Text B’ starts with a formal lexis for example ‘proprietor’ and ‘hygienic’ but as the extract progresses the lexis becomes more Informal, “bag”. This occurs as the speaker starts speaking she Is nervous and his means she would naturally speak more formal and try not to make any mistakes. As ten speaker progresses tongue ten passage seen releases t at t n I Isn’t as Dado as seen thought it would be and she relaxes and the lexis becomes more common to how she would probably be normally. Text C’ uses repetition of synonyms for example ‘smelled, smell, stank and stinking. These verbs are very strong lexis and they are the key words which are used to describe the girl in the story. The verbs are grouped in a cluster of four and this further puts the synonyms in the audiences’ heads. ‘Text D’ sees adjectives such as moist” to make the image of the shop out to be disgusting but also at the same time fairly funny and comical. The speaker also uses euphemisms as a softer way of saying something.