In this case, management takes place on planning, budgeting, organizing, staffing, monitoring and problem solving to make sure It produces the predicted outcome for stakeholders of the company. However, leaders focus on establishing direction, aligning people, motivation, inspiring and produce changes which usually drastic and positive. Both leader and manager is an important assets in an organization which they need to work together to produce positive outcomes but their role are different. Senior & Fleming (2006) tastes, manager must always be the leader while a leader could lead without being the manager.

We can see the role of leadership anywhere and it is inseparable in our daily life. Lord, De Evader and Liger (1986) concluded that a successful leader could be intelligence, having an extrovert personality, dominance, masculinity, conservatism and being better adjusted than non-leaders In the book chapter, page 251. I strongly agree with Cotters distinction between leadership and management. AY Glen (1997) notes that leader’s first and central Job Is to focus on create and monomaniac a clear villas delegated, what Is needed to be achieved and their expectation from their followers.

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AY Gin’s (1997) is supporting Settees distinction of leadership in the element of creating agenda, developing a human network for achieving the agenda, implementation and outcomes. After reading the book chapter of The Leadership of Change, I learnt more about the characteristic of a leader and what leaders should be like. I was so surprised and finally realized that management and leadership are very profound knowledge that we need to practice in our daily life.

Lord, De Evader and Liger (1996) six traits of leadership linked me to The Myers Briggs Type Indicator that I was learnt In the third workshop which explores four dichotomies Include energy, Information, decisions and lifestyle. This makes me think of one of the subject that I have taken during my college life which Is Event Management. From the second we have been allocated into group to run an event, we have encountered the difficulties when comes to making calicles Owe to our Deterrent type AT personality contracts Keep Arles aurally he process of organizing the event due to some language barrier, miscommunication and different opinion.

As a leader, my responsibility is to increase the awareness of every group members, to develop and communicate our vision effectively by aligning and motivation in order to achieve our goal which was to create a special and successful event, increase exposure of our School of Hospitality and Tourism to college’s student and outsider. Although our event was running smoothly at the end and it was become the honorable history in my college, but the role of leadership of nine was not fully revealed during the process of organizing the event in dealing with the conflicts and the different personality.