Martin Luther King, Jar. John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Now, what do the first group of men and the second group have in common? They were all leaders in something that was bigger than they were. Martin Luther King, Jar was an influential during the time of integration vs.. Aggregation among races.

FAD was the wall that helped support Americans during the time when WI was brought to the united States on December 7, 1941. George Washington was America’s first true leader, for he was a part of the Independence we so proudly boast about today. JEFF made the space travel an Important thing for the American public to take Interest In. The sport “stars” changing the face of their respective sports, forever. These men did not shy away when Introduced to a difficult situation, but these men are not the only men.

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There are people, men and women alike, who shine in the darkest of situations, and help influence and lead people to take initiative and do the same. Being a leader is not just about saying you are leader, it is about practicing whatnot preach. There are many aspects to leadership and being a leader, but we begin with an understanding of what and whom a leader is, what makes a leader, and the how to make leadership efficient.

What is a leader?

According to expectoration’s. Com, sponsored by Oxford university Press, a leader is someone who “leads or commands a group, organization, or country. Taking In this definition, one might automatically describe a leader as the President of the united States, a CEO of a company, or a priest. The words In this definition connote Into an Intense, narrow balloon of whom a leader can be. A quote found on Forbes. Com, said by John C. Maxwell, who is a pastor and American author whose primary focus in leadership states, “leadership is to influence”(100 Famous Quotes about Leadership).

Using this monomaniacal definition of leadership allows for more imagination to seep in, so when asked again “What is a leader? Answers can become more nontraditional: a coach, a team captain, my mom. Now that it can be understood that a leader can be anyone from an eleven year old cancer patient who has the will to fight, to a multi-million dollar CEO who started from nothing; what makes a leader? According to Forbes. Com, ten major qualities truly establish leaders from “subordinates”. These qualities consist of: “honesty, ability to delegate, communication, sense of humor, confidence, commitment, positive attitude, creativity, Intuition, and the ability to Inspire” (Top Ten Qualities of a Leader).

On one hand, It can easily be seen why each of these attributions are Important for an individual to have, but some can outweigh others. Take the ability to inspire versus ten addle TTY to delegate. Having ten tidally to delegate means Tanat ten leader does not always have to be in charge, and can hand over the reins to his subordinates, but this may not necessarily mean that the subordinates want to do the task or will do the task to the expectation of the leader.

However, having the ability to inspire is something that will affect the subordinate internally, and they will possibly have the ability to say, “He or she works hard every day, I can work hard today’ and in turn lead to work that is more efficient. Motivating people to do the work is not the only thing a leader can do, they can motivate to advocate, or they can titivated to think about their values. Take Martin Luther King, Jar. ‘s legacy that he left. According to centralizes.

Mom, the late doctor influenced people to take action and even question their values using Just his words during his “l have a dream… ” Speech, A business website called venturesome. Com explains its version of what leadership should be about, stating that “above all leadership is 35% vision, 33% energize people, 19% communication, 8% charisma, and 5% competence” (Effective Leadership). The article states that if there is a clear and exciting vision for the future f the group, company, country, etc. Then more people are willing to put in the work.

Take a presidential campaign, before the election process, it is easy to gain followers by promising an exciting turn for the country. “l am going to take us to the promise land… ” Is a valuable tactic in winning over the votes of others. The vision of making the country better, in turn energies the citizens. The hard part is to make the vision a reality, which is something that few presidents have been able to establish. Being a leader is not an easy thing to establish, and it is not as clinical as the function makes it sound.

Being a leader is truly about influence, whether it be influencing people to work harder, or influencing people to vote for the cause, it take something special to rise and be remembered. In the beginning, it was said that each person was a leader in his or her own individual way; but one common leadership tactic they used was that they talked the talk, and walked the walk. References Willingly, D. (2007, November 3). A Number Of Famous Leaders And Their Different Leadership Styles. Retrieved October 21, 2014, from http://centralizes. Com/? A-