Team Development In the public services you need to work at your best levels, this meaning you are needed to work well with your fellow work mates. Working as a team will get things done faster and better meaning that more people can be helped; however working In a team has advantages and disadvantages. Some disadvantages are that people may not get on meaning they don’t want to help each over out so this will make things harder. Also working in a team you will find that you make think something is right and others may think tattoo are wrong, this also will slow things down.

On the there hand there are advantages of working in a team as there are more of you meaning the work can be spread out across the team this helps by not putting all the pressure on one person and also the work will get done quicker and being in the public services work needs to be done quick because life’s could be in danger. When a group of people get together to do the same thing they starts to build a team, Bruce TCPMAN In 1965 come up with an theory that explains how a group of people become a good team.

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He said that there are four stages to make a good team they are: Forming, Storming, Morning and Performing. Forming Is the stage when everyone Is trying to get to know each over, however Is not sure of what they are doing and look to the person in charge, And also not a lot of agreement in the team. Then there is Storming this is when everyone’s trying to finder there place in the group also this is when relationship are formed meaning that it is easy to get distracted from the task on hand, Likewise it hard for the team to make decisions together.

Then there’s Morning this is when they fist start to work as a good team it is easy for them to make a group decision, positions and roles in the group are expected and understood. Also this is when they may start to have fun outside of the work meeting up and doing social activities together. Last there is Performing this is when the team are a team everyone knows there place, they all work to together to active the same goal, there are still disagreements however they are sorted out quick as a team. Performing Is when everyone looking out for each over, helping them when they are stuck or finding things hard.

All teams go thought these stage and knowing where you are in the stages also can help you to push on to the next stage. Like TCPMAN, Beeline had a theory. He said that there are nine different kinds of roles that you can get in a team the roles are: Plant, Shaper, Resource investigator, Co- ordination, team worker, completer finisher, monitor evaluator, implementer and specialist. Each role has its own strengths and weakness and knowing this is good because it helps you to improve also it helps your team members know what you are not so good at.

A good team has at least one of each of theses roles in there team. When working In a team you must communicate with each over so you know what jobs are being done what jobs are done and what Jobs arena done also ammunitions Is needed for safety because In the public services dangers Job need to be done for example In the fire services someone will have to go Into the burning building so the rest of the team will need to know this encase something napes Ana en needs to De saved.

A good team needs to communicate Decease ten role of a team is too active the goal set. A good team reinforces there team member with confidence when it is needed. When working in a team you must try to get along with each over because if not working together may slow and make tasks harder to do then if everyone got along.