learning a
new language is very important in human life. The value in learning a different
language from the mother language contributes to new language skills, as well
as a range of other skills such as educational skills. Many people have sought
to learn different languages from their original language, and this led to many
countries in the world teaching another language in their schools. Language
learning contributes too many positive aspects of the human being. Learning
another language in the early years of life is very useful, helping to learn to
read and write better. This leads to the development of learning skills and
high marks in school. In increasing self-confidence because it helps develop
the ability to communicate and communicate between people, and also to obtain
appropriate employment or higher education opportunities. English is an
international language that is spread almost all over the world because of its
use in business and study. It is one of the means of global and diplomatic
communication among people in the world. English is defined as a Western language
that follows the ancient Germanic languages, which evolved over time due to the
use of many dialects spoken with it. This has contributed to the addition of a
group of new vocabulary and syntax, and the English language continues to
evolve until this time in conjunction with the global developments in various
areas. Many individuals are seeking to learn English very much, and this has
contributed to the allocation of international curricula especially in English.
This language is considered to be the first universal language in many public
areas, so the importance of learning English is as follows: English is one of
the most widely spoken languages ??and is second only to Mandarin in terms of
the number of speakers; (Mother tongue), or a secondary language used in most
public areas. English contributes to providing many opportunities for
individuals; such as helping them to get a job; most job interviews are based
on English as a prerequisite for the job seeker to accept. English is the
official language of many types of university courses, such as science,
medicine, engineering, economics, business administration, and other
educational areas that many university students are seeking to study. English
helps to increase the ability to read books, journals, and published research
on them, which support the development of science, knowledge and personal
culture in individuals. English offers a range of means of communication
between different peoples, which contributes to the identification of customs, heritage,
and popular traditions of the world. English is very heavily used on websites,
learning to help people learn about the nature of websites and the content on
their pages. The beginning of the appearance of English to the arrival of the
Germanic tribes of the United Kingdom in the fifth century AD, and their
language was mixed with the languages ??prevailing in those territories and
regions; resulting in the emergence of a new language later called ancient
English. In the fourteenth century AD English because of its confusion with the
French language, which affected them after the French occupation of the English
regions. In the sixteenth century AD, the first spread of English began outside
the borders of England, especially with the beginning of the development of
political and economic relations between the English and the nations and
peoples surrounding them. The emergence of the printing age at that time led to
the spread of many language dictionaries. Dictionaries has helped to educate
and introduce many non-English people to this language. Modern English has
emerged since the 19th century, which has become an official and secondary
language in many countries of the world. English is witnessing continuous
development to this day.