Wall Street, built a career based around principles she learned at an early age from her parents. She developed a leadership brand that defined her Identity and set her apart from others. She was recognized early In her career for her strengths and ambition, and was able to stay true to those characteristics throughout her successful career. Josses was goal orientated from day one and continued to be throughout her life. This would become her overall driving motivation that she leveraged with her strengths.

She was taught at an early age that hard work is rewarded when you accomplish your goals. She started her career right after high school taking a Job at a department store while attending college. The general manager taught her the fundamentals of managing a store as well as encouraging her to take business classes to further her development. From this experience she realized her passion and talent for the fashion and apparel industry. She accomplished early success and soon realized she needed more challenge and reward. She then decided to pursue an MBA from Harvard. Her Professor described her Intelligence as average for

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Harvard, but she had street smarts and a strong personality from her experiences and upbringing that set her apart from others. She was able to stand her ground and prove she belonged. In Joke’s first job out of business school she took a position at J. P. Stevens to work for an executive that took notice of her in school. He described her as setting a high standard for herself, and possessed a great combination of tenacity and drive to achieve. He continued to say that she had a fiery personality and was always critiquing herself and others to find ways to Improve. She had a blunt personality and was very outspoken.

Joke’s passion to succeed, goal orientation, savvy street smarts, strong will, Industry knowledge, and trustworthiness were her unique strengths and characteristics. These traits are described by others throughout her career, and are the keys to her success. Josses stayed close to these strengths as well as to herself throughout her career and never lost sight. She continued to leave Jobs and companies after accomplishing successful results to pursue her financial reward. The common theme throughout her story Is that she always felt she needed more financial reward for accomplishing her goals.

That was he foundation she built her career upon. Joke’s brother worked on Wall Street and suggested that she consider an opportunity as a research analyst, where financial rewards came with achieving your goals. Josses possessed the key traits to be successful such as, intimate industry knowledge from past experience, strong personality, hard working, driven, and financially motivated. Joules success on Wall Street came when Jack Rivals, a successful senior executive, gave Josses guidance and analyst training. Once he became her mentor, and she learned the skills, she was able to utilize her strengths to excel.

She set her goal to become the highest-ranking analyst on the street. Josses became respected, primarily due to her financial results, but also due to her leadership brand. She was known to have superb customer service skills, as well as the ability to leverage her relationship Walt tracers, Dangers, Institutional clients, Ana Industry Coos. In Lehman culture was very team oriented, but also allowed for independence and creativity. This allowed Josses to utilize her talents and build a leadership brand to become an industry leader. Based on the article, “Five Steps to Building Your Personal Leadership

Brand”, you must consider the following in order to develop a strong leadership brand: determine the results you want to achieve in the next year, decide what you wish to be known for, define your identity, construct your leadership brand statement, and make your brand identity real. Josses accomplished these steps setting her leadership brand above others. She always set her goals so that she could achieve company goals. The article states that a leadership brand is outward focused, and it is important to know what is expected of you. Josses knew what was expected of her at each company, and she set her goals o ensure she delivered results.

She wanted to be known for hard working and goal oriented. She always wanted to be the best, and she did that by building trust and strong relationships. Josses defined her identity through her actions and results, which is proven by her analyst ranking. She believed in order to be successful in the services industry you had to leverage relationships, and those are built on trust and respect. Her ability to pick stocks excelled her to the top of the list allowing her to build her brand, but she accomplished this by knowing her strengths and leadership rand.

Joke’s brand was always in line with her employers’ goals. Her leadership brand was outward focused and she proved it at each company by generating results either at a department store or on Wall Street. Having a clear brand was instrumental in Joke’s success. This allowed her to be focused on achieving goals. She believed rewards came from hard work and that motivated her to be the best. She defined her identity not only through her accomplishments but also through her methods. All of her employers saw her as driven and talented.

She gained respect by her ability to obtain intimate knowledge through her relationships and proved it by the stocks she picked. She never strayed from her beliefs and that defined her success. Josses acknowledged luck was involved in her success as well. She had knowledge of a company she previously worked with that was acquired and generated high returns. One of the lessons I learned from this case is having a clear and defined leadership brand is important to progressing a career. When others can define you by your work ethic, motivations, and goals then they can develop meaningful relationships with oh.

The ability to trust others is key to maintaining relationships, and as Josses said relationships are everything in the services industry. I plan to have a career in the services industry and as Josses said relationships mean everything. People build relationships when they can see your leadership brand. Having a defined identity is crucial in accomplishing that goal. I want to be known as hard working, goal oriented, dedicated, savvy, and trustworthy. I started my career at Lehman and I learned how significant those traits are in the financial service industry.

The most important asset for a financial services firm is the client. Our CEO said without clients nothing else matters. Some make the mistake that earnings are the most important but with out capital or clients then earnings are irrelevant. One of the key points from the case was Joule’s customer service telltales seen Knew now to relate to ten ruling people Ana identify the needs of her clients. I think an important lesson is looking at what the clients need or others need and what you can do to deliver. Josses proved that principle and delivered results to her companies.