Letter to myself Dear future me. Till this day English has been very important to me, both with reading, writing and speaking English. I use it almost all the time, sometimes I even dream in English. I do love talking and reading in English, but what I don’t like is writing texts like for example essays or novels, but I don’t like writing in Norwegian either so I wouldn’t really expect more from that side of English. In my opinion I feel like I’m high with the speaking, reading and grammar, but with writing texts I think I am average.

My goals his year can be to talk with even less grammatical errors with long and difficulty words, work a bit more with my formal/academic language and get a little bit better at words we use in ‘KIT. I don’t really have any special strategy with my English other than when I find something difficult I search it up on Google for example. From me I expect that I concentrate enough in class to learn something new, and from my teacher I expect that she will find hard enough tasks so that I learn something new instead of Just sitting there bored since I have nothing to do. Best regards Jonathan from the past.

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