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Ashley Nekia 

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English 1301

Dr. Lee

21 December 2017



I Think Whataburger is the best restaurant to me


Texas’ favorite burger chain has a very long history. In
fact, Texans are so

crazy about
Whataburger  like no other.  For Sure, people will out of their way to

eat at the famous A
shaped Building orange and white striped  . Texans’ passion

goes so much  deeper. In my opinion  I  think
Whataburger is the best restaurant there is. And I’m going to state my reasons

          First off  Whataburger has the best quality of food there
is , compared to

other restaurants out
there. Whataburger’s fries are so much better, Their

however, has a more
natural, meaty flavor and short order grill  which, of course,

means a thin coating
of grease on the outside.  The patty holds up great with the

cheddar cheese and
other add-ons. And they prepare to order, giving it that ‘hot of

the grill’ taste.

          Some interesting facts about Whataburger
is that Dobson originally wanted

                                                                                                           LEWIS 2


to make a great  burger so big you had to hold it with two
hands. To do  this, he

had to ask a bakery in
Corpus Christi make five-inch hamburger buns to complete

his mission , except
that they couldn’t, because  they did not
have pans that were  

large enough , Dobson
look into a  manufacturer to
have the pans  made, and the

five-inch bun was
created. The awesome building were inspired by Dobson’s love   

for flying. He liked
the idea of being able to spot his restaurants from the  sky in

the plane , so he  opened  his very the first restaurant called Whataburger

Odessa, Texas, in
1961. Whataburger ketchup and other condiments  is almost as

popular as the burger
chain itself. There are devoted fan followings of both the

original and the
spicy varieties, and you can even purchase  them at H-E-B grocery

stores across the
Lone Star State,

          From my own personal experience , I love
Whataburger , it was my very

first job at 15 years
old, I work there for a total of 13 yrs on and off. The things I

love about it, is
that the company treat you like family. Whenever I needed

something  the were always there. With me working there
at a young age , it had

taught me a lot in
life. I learned about work skills, friendship. My Favorite food

from Whataburger is
the patty melt. It is so good with the spicy ketchup. Well I

basically like everything
on the menu , it is a great restaurant to eat at. Its great for

a family gathering if
you and you family just want hang out. I would recommend

this place to anyone.
Did you know that there is a possible 36,864 possible ways to

make your burger.
Crazy Right? But very unique. That’s a question
a friend of

mine likes to ask everybody. Seems
a strange question, but in Texas it isn’t. When

he first asked me I told him I
could not tell him about the best Whataburger I ever

had until IThree
things I loved about the early Whatsburgers: 1. The triangular

buildings that looked
like the orange table tents everybody takes as souvenirs

today. 2. The smell of
burgers and onions that permeated the air within half a

block. 3. My mother
saying, “If you finish all of that, you can have a shake.” first

told him about the time I most
wanted one.

With over
790 locations across 10 states, Whataburger is a Southern fast-

powerhouse. It has been family-owned since the first humble burger

stand in
Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1950.