Liberty University Online MBA Program no GMAT is the largest not for profit online educator in the United States and part of the World’s Largest Christian University. Liberty University launched the online education program in the mid 80s and now offers over 45 degrees and over a hundred specializations that offer a flexible online format for the associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels.

Liberty University is also known for its affordability and excellent student support, Liberty University Online enrolls more than sixty thousand students, nearly one third of which are military students. Liberty University Online has been recently ranked number one among all the accredited online schools in the country.

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Over twenty five years ago Liberty University pioneered the distance learning and online study programs and has always been ahead of the curve. Today Liberty University Online is the World’s Largest Christian University and offers well over forty five thousand degrees, over one hundred specializations with over sixty thousand students online from Associate’s to Doctorate’s, and is ranked number one among all accredited online schools in the country.

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Liberty University Online MBA Program no GMAT