The Difference Between Accuracy and Precision In the fields of mathematics, chemistry and all sciences accuracy can and or is defined, as a form of measurement, which calculates the degree of closeness of a quality to the quality’s truest value. While on the other hand, precision is a form of measurement that is exact, but is one in which can be duplicated and reproduce the same results hundreds to thousands to millions or indefinitely without any difference n the first calculation to the last.

What method that is chosen will thus be dependent on what the person conducting the experiment is seeking and what they’re end goal in fact is. Society Dependence In business, companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Coco Cola and Pharmacy Pharmaceuticals all depend on chemistry and It Is vital for such businesses to be precise, as to reduce errors and prevent Injuries or even death, as all three of these businesses, while different are dealing with chemicals that are either Ingested or interact with the body in some form and could cause serious problems if not calculated correctly.

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In one recent article done by CBS just this year, it was reported that Johnson and Johnson was planning on eliminating carcinogen formaldehyde from there famous “no tears shampoo. ” The company’s reason was that the product had the potential to cause cancer and this goes the same for the other companies, as a slip in accuracy and precision in calculating too much of one ingredient could cause serious illnesses and result in lawsuits that could drive a company out of equines over time If they did not correct the problem.

Accuracy and Precision In My Life In my personal life, cooking Is the first example of accuracy and precision, as many of the ingredients in say preparing certain meals require exact or precise amounts of one ingredient, such as one half cup of olive oil, where as if I accidental used a whole cup the meal would taste oily. However, sprinkling ingredients such as garlic and salt and pepper is an estimate or an item that is somewhat accurate but not nearly as precise.

Next, I would say music, as a guitarist I play with various groups and the beats must be measured out and precise, as accuracy is not sufficient, as a four/four time signature cannot be played as a three/four at any time otherwise the entire group could fall apart. Lastly, I would say working in my families business, shipping textbooks, as the weight has of each package must be spot on and because each package weighs a little different, the weight must be calculated to meet the postage standards or It could be returned or the company may end up paying unexpected hares.