I was hired to work the front desk of the main office along with three other ladies. I was the youngest at 22 , one gal was about 5 years older than myself, and the other two were in their early ass’s. One of the older ladies had worked there a significant amount of time while the other two and myself were hired at the same time.

There was an initial friction between one of the older ladies and my younger co-worker and myself. We thought she was bossy and tried to micro-manage us even though she was not in a supervisory position. She also would try and tell us how the older patients liked to be spoken to. After a while, management stepped in to try and mediate the conflict. As it turned out, my bossy co-worker was simply taught her work ethic and interpersonal skills in a different era.

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She felt more senior than my co-worker and I because she was older, with more life experience. She also thought that being from an older generation herself, that she knew how to communicate better with our patients. We were all trying to help our patients, do our Jobs well, and effectively communicate, but our efferent backgrounds and significant difference in age, were creating an interpersonal conflict.

The four types of conflicts are: conflict of Interest (a person has more than one objective but they are not able to do so without sacrificing one for another), interpersonal conflicts (where people want the same outcome but are working against each other to achieve It), role conflicts (a person plays multiple roles such as nurse and confidant to patients when It Is not appropriate to do so), and violent conflicts (people are worried and anxious and feel Like medical staff should be doing more).