Kids don’t play with toys or electronic devices; they invent their own games or play typical and old games, often on streets. Poor people live in deplorable conditions and the lack of cleanliness is evident. 2) The film “Slumlord millionaire” and the short stories In “Games at twilight” by Anita Desalt offer us a perfect perspective of how life In India Is. Both, the director and the writer showed us pure realities and by hard Images and stories tried to awareness people and reach our feelings. The book and the movie show and make evident the huge gaps between rich and poor people.

This Is one of the mall themes on both cases because It Is a real problem present In India, poor people act with respect with rich people because they are conscious money means power. High temperatures are a problem that the two social classes suffer. We get to know, for example, that rich families live In houses with large parks and that children only go out to plat only when the sun comes down because of the extreme heat shown in games a people live with it and they must deal with it as if it is a normal thing, suffering but without any possibility of doing something.

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Many situations of Indian’s life are based on religion, it is a main fact on their lives and we can notice this in the book as much as in the movie. The film shows people who believe in Raman attacking another attacking people who believe in Ala. Their fanaticism about their own religion make them take crazy decisions sometimes, as the last one named or for example in surface textures” Harris abandons all his family because of a spiritual feeling and later he converts into a “swami”.

Another important issue is “education”, people in general and mostly parents are conscious that without education you can’t be successful in India, that’s why they pressure their kids to study. They know that if they don’t, they will end in slums being beggars, thieves or working on illegal issues. “Slumlord millionaire” and “Games at Twilight” have lots of thing in common Just because they are based on real things which happen in India, so they must share any situations. In “sale” or in “scholar and gypsy’ poverty is clearly shown as in the movie, for example that they must pay to use the “bathroom” which is a hole in the ground.

Reaching and covering their necessities in any way is another important coincidence. In the movie; selling autographs of famous people, betraying tourists or stealing. As regards the book; giving private tuitions or selling whatever they can do. In both of them the distance between the poor ones and the rich ones is huge, they eave resentment with the other, but they treat each other with respect when they need something. Another problem in daily Indian life that is stated in the film and in the short stories is the delinquency and violence they suffer.

We can notice this in “Pigeons at Daybreak” where the old man is worried when he reads the head lines in the newspaper and in lost of parts of the movie for example when they leave blind one of the kids to obtain more money. As a conclusion, although Anita Dais’s helped us to understand her stories by using a great and varied use of vocabulary, aging use of strong phrases and adding lots of sensory images for us to imagine situations in our head it is also easier to watch an image and understand what that picture wants to tell us.

That’s why “Slumlord millionaire” helped us to understand the short stories, illustrations made by our brain while we read the book, were confirmed or not by watching the movie. Moreover, we couldn’t decide what to see or not in the film. In the book instead, unconsciously we could control the realities we didn’t want to admit because are emotionally hard to process.