Since people starting to have a lot of money, people starting to buy a lot of goods and they stock them after. Also many people starting to created a industries and many businesses. They used the method of assembly line to get their work done faster. Since the price keep getting higher everyday people are going crazy on what they buying. Also some of them paid a stock broker to take care of their stock so that they can buy the goods that can make a lot of profit. Also in the go’s the government starting not allowing people drinking.

The government think that drinking can caused damage to the nation. Like It can ruin a family, friendship and Is against the law. Also In the offs a lot of Invention were created. Like Model T by Henry Ford, Radio with earphones. These invention helps many industries and people. Not also these inventions make life easier in the go’s, it help people to get jobs. Most of the men in the go’s were hating on the flappers. Is women who dressed like a guy and look like a guy, by having a bobbed hair style and many more.

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Also for entertainment people in the go’s play mahjong’s, dances, sports, watching silence movie and doing tricks with plane called aviation. Some the dances were shimmy, bunny hop and some of the sport that they play were football, soccer, hockey. People were happy and have a good time in the go’s. Well not everything that good always will be roaring all the time. Apparently In the says the stock market crushed and many people suffered from this Great Depression. Many workers got fired from their work place and many of the businesses closed.

Many people had to leave their houses not only that many parents scant afford to buy food for their children and themselves. Also people starting to live on the street. Many of them were running a strike against the government. Also some were asking some money to be lend so that they can buy something to eat. Many people had not eat in 5 or more days. Finally the government starting to created a relief voucher to help the people who really desperately in need. Those people have to prove that they really need the government help and fulfill the government criteria .

Also things like pop kitchen and relief camp starting to help these people a bit. Also the Model T starting to no function so they created a Bennett Bungle. Is Model T being pulled by horses or cows. Grasshopper was a big treat to the people In the says because they spoiled golf course, spoiled corps and make all the chickens uneatable. Not only that the Dust Bowl created a huge damage to the farmer and people who live around it. Also slice Canaan sat rating to not pay attention to ten Canaan culture, Canaan Radio Broadcasting Commission and The National Film Board were created.

These alps to protect the Canadian culture and as entertainment from the depression. In the end not all the good thing is this world always stay, so we have to be not greedy and be ready if it turns to the bad way. Like people in the go’s were overwhelm on how the stock market were so profitable but they don’t prepare what the impact after. Since the dun prepare the Great Depression occurred. So we as a human have to be ready on what going to happen in the future and things in this world always rotate. So we can t be greedy and always think good think will happen all the time.