how do teachers teach use behaviorism
teachers use explicit instruction to dispense knowledge
what is Behaviorism
Children learn by mastering a series of skills
What is constructivism
children actively construct knowledge
How do teachers use constructivism
teachers engage children with experiances
what is sociolinguistics
children learn through talking and collaborating with others
how do teachers implement sociolinguistics
teachers scaffold children’s learning through more or less support
what is information processing
children learn to read and write using strategies
how to teachers teaching using info processing
teachers teach children to use cognitive strategies and be aware of their own thinking (metacognitive)
What are the four ways teachers support childrens use of the cueing system
Phonological clues, pragmatic clues, semantic clues, syntactic clues (page 9)
what 8 factors help teachers use a balanced approach
Oral language and vocab, concepts of print, phonological awareness, phonics and word id, spelling, fluency, comprehension, writing (page 15 and notes)