Sandra Baku Discuss an environmental problem that you feel Is significant In your town or city. Alarm pollution Is a problem in the city of Indianapolis. It depends on where you live In the city, and what Is around you Like manufacturing plants or the airport. What are some causes? It Is hard to miss the smoke that comes from the city from manufacturing plants and the Indianapolis Airport. The people that live on the southwest side of city “face an

Increased risk of developing cancer from the toxic alarm pollution” (Indy Star, 2005). The people that live on the southwest of the city said that they have learned how to deal with the smell from the industries. “The health and environmental officials” (Indy Star, 2005) are moving slowly to help the people of the southwest side of Indianapolis. The air is starting to improved the officials are still missing opportunities to fix the hazardous air pollutants. Are any of these causes related to human values (life styles) and/or environmental ethics?

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Explain I would say yes that that these industries causes related issues with the environmental and related to human values. That according to Indy Star (2004) that there are seven different manufacturers plants on the southwest side of Indianapolis and that it is high risk for cancer.