The beauty of the Internet is how small it has made the world. The corners of the globe have all come within our grasp – accessed by the resources available to us online. No matter where we live – city, small town, one country or another – we are all connected through the Internet. No other modern invention has so thoroughly transformed the world of commerce. Now, businesses that have largely worked from bricks and mortar locations are now passed over if they do not have an online presence. The need for a place on the web has extended to nearly every business – and the business of education is no exception.

Colleges and universities that offer degree programs through classes on campus have now found a way to offer their programs to people all over the globe. Online degree programs have made education accessible to those who would have otherwise been left out because of schedule constraints and proximity to campus.

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Online degree programs – such as the online MBA – are beneficial for students in a number of situations including:

*Those who are already in the work world and are unable to spend the time traveling to and from campus, as well as the time necessary to attend classes during the work day. Those pursuing an online MBA, for example, can choose to logon at night and complete their coursework over a weekend or when it is most convenient for them.

*Those that do not live close to a college or university that offers their degree of choice. With online degree programs, it does not matter where you live – or whether the actual physical campus is logistically close to you. Through the resources provided by the Internet students can pursue an online degree from the comfort of their home.

No longer is physical attendance necessary to earn a college degree. An online degree brings the possibility of an education to the masses – regardless of their location.