Since ADD Is a chronic disorder It cannot be cured, but there is medication available to help with the symptoms of ADD. This kind of medication Is not available over the counter. The main types of ADD drugs are methamphetamine, one of which is Rattail. Rattail is classified as a psych stimulate drug. It also comes in a variety of forms: straight Rattail, SIR Rattail, Metadata CD and DEED, Focal TM, and the strongest of them all Concerto (Nagger and Emeritus). ADD drugs are a fast working “chill pill” They help reduce the symptoms of ADD, but there are good and bad traits about hose medications.

Some good traits about these drugs is it helps a person with: less trouble with school and homework. Fidgeting, being able to control emotions, being patient and with Impulsiveness, have better relationships with friends and family, and It Increases self-esteem(Branded). With good there Is also bad, so the bad traits of ADD drugs are: dizziness, loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, dry mouth, and mood swings. A person with ADD shows three major characteristic traits; Inattention, hyperactivity, and Impulsively. In these characteristic traits there are sub traits.

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Some sub symptoms of Inattention are: difficulty concentrating, unrelated thoughts, unable to focus and keep attention on one thing, acts like they are not listening, has difficulty planning, organizing, and completing tasks on time, problems learning new things, and poor modification of deferent situations. In the category hyperactivity, the symptoms Include: not being able to sit still, being fidgety, deals with more than one activity, and tries to multi-task. The last category is impulsively; there are only two symptoms which are: acting before they think and being impatient (American Speech).

In order to diagnose a person with ADD they have to meet certain criteria set by the ADSM-IV. The person must have at least six symptoms for SIX months In both categories A and B. Category A contains the subcategory of being inattentive, while Category B has the two sub categories hyperactive and impulsively (CDC). Scientists have studied the causes of ADD for several years. Through the studies they have done, scientists have figured out five causes for ADD. The five causes are genes, environmental factors, brain Injuries, sugar, and food additives. Scientists believe that the main cause for ADD is genes.

Environmental factors that affect ADD are if a mother was exposed to cigarettes and alcohol during a pregnancy or if a child was exposed to too much lead contents. Genetics have shown to be the most dominate In research. Due to the good statistics. In the studies twenty- five percent of the cases have shown that the child that was diagnosed with ADD has a parent that also has ADD. The smallest amount of percentage shown for the cause of ADD is brain damage. Studies show that a small percent of the population has ADD due to brain Injuries. The last cause for ADD Is food additives and sugar.

Studies have shown that five percent of the population who had a restricted diet helped prevent people from getting ADD (NIMH) (OLD OnLine). In conclusion, people criticize and judge others with ADD because they do not know what it is. After reading this paper, you should be able to tell the difference In ADD and ADD. You also can tell whether a person has ADD or not, with the symptoms that you have learned. While you were reading this, you should have learned: the causes of ADD. 1 OFF ten symptoms, melatonin photons, Ana ten Territories Detente A Hopefully you have learned from this paper or have found some enjoyment out of it also.