Gig Compare, a Frenchman who sings the Compare Eng, which over the years has become memorable, but not exactly in a good way. In the years 2009 and 2010 Go compare was voted the worst commercial of the year. This advert has truly burrowed Itself Into our heads. Admit It. It happens to almost everyone, you now read the word ‘Compare’ and you start singing the song In a dramatic opera style. Compare. Mom’s way of attempting to create a comical advert was not much of a success, however the company were satisfied the strategy and objective of the campaign, is to raise awareness of the Go Compare brand and our company have certainly achieved that’. In addition they were also pleased as it is psychologically proven that songs or melodies are more likely to stick in your head whether you love them or hate them, so the company as far as they were concerned were promoting their company in a successful way.

However the way Comparer’s Gig Compare suddenly appeared from a sedan singing deafeningly with a group of Georgians, whilst waving his gigantic hands about In the alarm Like a loony, certainly took the biscuit. The wacky character Glob Compare has definitely aggravated many of us. With a curly moustache and a voice that assaults our ear drums, the Compare advert was definitely an advert to avoid. Tragically Compare decided to continue to broadcast there ‘comical’ adverts, which many of us kept throwing our remote controls at the television for months.

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After a load of complaints, Compare decided to amend the advert with a slight twist. This time, they directed the negativity towards Gig Compare, as they showed ordinary people and celebrities attacking Compare. This was so that the viewers could relate to the advert. In one advert Gig Compare started singing in someone’s driveway and Sue Barker used a bazooka to shoot him from the window. This made thing much worse, numerous amount of parents complained, this was Inappropriate for children and contained violence.

Whilst In another he tried to harass a young couple with his awful song and finally got what he deserved (A football to the stomach). Ouch! That must have hurt. Glob Compare In another advertise asked an elderly woman, why everyone seemed to attack him, the old woman then rudely walked of murmuring yeah, its mystery’. It truly Is. I nee compare company took tens concept Turner Day Introducing billboards with humorous remarks aimed at Gig Compare like ‘Go compare Jump off cliff or ‘Go Compare and get some singing lessons’.

These messages caught the audience’s attention and made their company more successful as most of the audience could laugh at the comments and enjoy them. Also because the billboard notices were not at all inappropriate. To summaries Go compare was one of the worst advertisements ever. No matter how much Go compare change their adverts, the majority of people will still loathe Gig Compare and that painful song. Despite how infuriating the Go Compare advert is they have had a rise in customers over the past two years, proving that these tormenting adverts paid off.