The epigraph at the beginning of the poem refers a narrator saying, probably a man to a woman, lets go out together into the night. Asking his/her partner to go with him on endless streets, he calls them “streets that follow like tedious arguments, meaning streets that never end. Through dirty streets and dark places. Allusions 1. Alluded to speech by Rosin in Shakespearean twelfth night 2. Reference to Shakespearean Hamlet 3. Allusion to Andrea Marvels “His Coy Mistress” Symbolism 1.

Sentence equals ideals, opinions and sentiment 2. The yellow fog symbolizes foul breath or foul being 3. The yellow smoke equals slyness or sneakiness I think the narrator Is trying to describe things that change and differ from each other. He says there is a time to murder and create, a time for you and a time for me, a time for a hundred visions and revisions. I think he is trying to say that in order for he world to go on, people need to adjust to the way things happen.

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Time changes things and it doesn’t matter if you are ready for them to change or if you even want them to or not, they’re still going to change regardless. Most things are uncontrollable. He says that when people are changing, they ask themselves what they feel is right. They go off of what they believe is the right thing to do, not based on what other people expect to happen, but based on your own feelings towards things.