Van Beetoven,tha man who changed music forever. Beethoven was born in Bonn,
Germany in december 1770. He was baptised on 17 december. Since youn, Beethoven
love played violin and he also enjoying improvisation rather than reading the
notes from a score. At the age 0f 12, Beethoven become a musical maverick .
Beethoven’s first composition is on early 1782, set of nine variation for
piano. The music is in c minor. Actually, Beethoven is a new genius musicia
after the deth of Mozart in 1791 and the excellent thing is, Beethoven started
to go deaf around 1796,aged just 25. He still can managed to write any music at
all. Beethoven keep showing the real spirit as a genius musician. He wrote many
song which is symphony no .5 in c minor and many more.

            One of Beethoven popular and best
compositions is the ‘Symphony no.5 in c minor. This compositions had a long
gestation. The first sketches date from 1804 following completion of the third
symphony. However, his work was interrupted while he buzy to prepare other
compositions. The final preparation of the fifth synphony, which took place in
1807-1808. The fifth symphony was premiered on december 22, 1808 at a mammoth
concert at the Theater an der wien. The fifth symphony was dedicated to two of
beethoven’s patrons, which is Prince Franz Joseph Von Lobkowit and Count
Razumovsky. The first concert, there was little critical . The orchestra did
not play well with only one rehearsal before the concert. Beethoven had to sto
the music and start again.

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            Symphony no.5 have a four movements.
 The first movement is Allegro con brio.
The first movement is in the traditional sonata form that Beethoven inherited
from his classicl predecessors, Haydn. 
It starts out eith two dramatic fortissimo phrases, the famous motif ,
commanding the listener’s attention. The second movement is Andante Con
Moto.  In A flat major. Double variation
which means that two themes are presnted and viried in alternation. A melody in
unison by viola and cellos. The third movement is Scherzo.Allegro. The third
movement is in ternary form, it follows the traditional mold pf classical-era
symphonic third movements. The fourth movement is Allegro. This movements are
played just as the same music was introduced at the opening of the movement.

            The symphony is scored for piccolo
for fourth movement only, two flute, two oboes ,two clarinets in B flat and C ,
two bassoons, contrabassoons for fourth movement only, two horn in E flat and
C, two trumpets , three trombones for 
fourth movement only which is for alto ,tenor and bass, timpani un G-C
and the string.