What is a care path? What are its specific features? What does it not do? Care paths are the standardization of any given process in the heath care industry. The case describes a care path as an optimal sequencing and timing of interventions by physicians, nurses, and other staff for a particular diagnosis or procedure, designed to minimize delays and restore utilization and at the same time maximize the quality of (1) A care path promotes the organization of patent care to standardize the system making It more efficient.

The Implementation f a care path reduces the variability in clinical practices and in turn improves outcomes. By defining each stage of the process and normalizing patent care the care path can improve the quality of the service while reducing the cost. The care path cannot be a ridged course. Patents must be able to modify the path for their own needs. Problems and unexpected delays will arrive for some patents and the care path must be flexible enough to allow for these complications. The care path is not a fix all or an end it is a management tool.

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What are the most common causes of extended stay for CAB patients? The most common reason for a CAB patents extended stay Is medical complications. Trial fibrillation, anemia and anticoagulation issues are all common delays in discharge. Another common cause is the unrecognized system of determining rehabilitation care for patents. This system often left patents in need off rehab bed. Communication between the hospital and the referring physician as well with the patents family was lacking. Delay in records being forwarded from primary care lead to delays in the start of procedures.

The patent and family expectations of recovery also delayed the patent release time. Communicating to patents that they will be In the hospital for about five days and that they will feel the worst on the third day lets them know up front what to expect and they are more likely to stay on the path. What are some of the Important steps the team took develop the care path to make it acceptable to everyone involved? I en development AT ten care path was organize a path This team included all of the vital players in the CAB process.

This highly important step created visibility for all of the departments involved with the CAB program. Education of the team members was a fundamental development device. The creation of a flow diagram allowed the staff to have visual to evaluate the needs of the department. Software was also utilized to identify problem with in the CAB system. Problems unidentified centered in communication, coordination, and patent flow; the care path would attempt to address these (1) What are the hazards of standardizing the process too rigorously? Patents need to be able to get off of the care path for unforeseen complications.

If the plan is too stringent this will not be possible without major disruptions to the entire process. Staff may also need room for some flexibility. If a surgeon feels that the patent needs to stay longer then they need to room to make the decision that is best. The quality of are that is provided can not be compromised by the care path. What are the dangers of allowing too much freedom to customize the process? Old habits are difficult to break. If any area of the team reverts back to the ? path?C,-1?0 then the benefits are lost. Too much freedom and flexibility in the system could lead to this type of break down.

Patents were known to feel that hey needed longer time in the hospital for recovery. The simple change was made to focus the patents and the staff on the discharge date. By informing the patents that they would be home in five days encouraged them to stay on the path. If a simple change like this were not adhered to then patents would quickly be asking again about staying longer. Does every care path patient have to go through all the steps in the care path? What happens to patients who do not follow the path fully? No, every car path patent does not need to go through the all the steps in the care tat.